A Ruby script to generate domain names for a particular industry
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Industry Domain Name Generator

This Ruby script uses the .com zone file to generate a list of high quality available domain names for a specific industry.


Before running, make sure you generate a domains.txt file with a list of all registered .com domain names and place it in same directory as the script.

For instructions on how to generate the list, check out Extracting a List of All Registered .com Domains from the Verisign Zone File .

How this Works

Check out this blog post...

Running the Script

  1. In generator.rb, modify these two constants:
  • INDUSTRY - This is the industry you want to generate a domain for
  • SIMILAR_INDUSTRIES - These are other industries whose names you want to check the availability of.

For example, if INDUSTRY is "marketing" and SIMILAR_INDUSTRIES is "advertising", "media", and "consulting", this will find all common registered names for the similar industries, then check which of those are not registred for "marketing".

  1. From the command line, run ruby generator.rb.

  2. The results will be in the results directory such as results/marketing.txt


If you have any suggestions, find a bug, or just want to say hey drop me a note at @mhmazur on Twitter or by email at matthew.h.mazur@gmail.com.


MIT © Matt Mazur