The most impressive talks from speakers who are software developers.
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Incredible Technical Speakers

These are the folks to learn from when you're figuring out how to give a talk on software development. Every person on this list has both software development chops and the ability to engage an audience of their peers with a powerful presentation.

The inclusion requirements and selection criteria I used to pick the speakers are listed at the bottom of this README.

The talks (alphabetical order by last name)

Inclusion requirements

Developing or designing software must be a major part of his or her gig at the time the talk is given.

The talk content must focus on software development or issues directly pertinent to software developer's lives

Selection criteria

This list is less about the specific subject matter and more about the speakers' command of the material and audience. There are many different speaking styles.

Not all styles are applicable to all topics. The list below should give you ideas for what style may be most appropriate for you and your subject matter.

If a speaker meets the inclusion requirements then a talk will be considered based on the following measures:

  • clarity of thought transfer to the audience
  • live coding & demo or clear slides that enhance the technical discussion
  • speaking tone variation where appropriate
  • humor
  • engaging
  • storytelling
  • minimal crutch phrases
  • eye contact
  • hand work (working with "the box")
  • strings
  • roots
  • respect for the audience
  • bonus points: using a new and effective way to teach or explain content.

Sources evaluated so far

Notes & Caveats

  • This list is just a starting point. I'm definitely missing many of the best software developer speakers on here. Submit a pull request with your pick.

  • For each speaker I tried to pick the "best" talk. If there's one that is far better than the talk shown, submit a pull request.

  • I have not explored the entire Internet (yet) so it's likely there are entire communities whose talks I have not seen. File an issue with a link to a talks list so I can watch those speakers' talks.