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This here is a library for using the Urban Airship web service API for iPhone and Android C2DM push notifications.


Tested on Python 2.5 and 2.6 -- it'll probably work on earlier versions. If you're using Python 2.5 or earlier, you'll need to install simplejson.


As of 0.42 the library handles these parts of the API:

  • device token registration
  • APID token registration
  • basic push
  • registering and pushing with tags
  • broadcast
  • feedback service
  • device token deactivation (deregistration)
  • device token listing

iOS Usage

>>> import urbanairship
>>> airship = urbanairship.Airship(application_key, master_secret)
>>> airship.register('valid_token', alias='adam')
>>> airship.push({'aps': {'alert': 'Hello'}}, aliases=['adam'],
...     device_tokens=['some_other_token'])

Android C2DM Usage

>>> import urbanairship
>>> airship = urbanairship.Airship(application_key, master_secret)
>>> airship.registerAPID('valid_token', alias='matt')
>>> airship.push({'android': {'alert': 'Hello'}}, aliases=['matt'],
...     device_tokens=['some_other_token'])

Unit Tests Usage

  • copy keys-example.ini to keys.ini
  • edit keys.ini with your test master secret and application secret keys
  • run


The best place to ask questions is our developers mailing list:


  • 0.1 Initial release
  • 0.2 Added tags, broadcast, feedback
  • 0.3 Added deregister, device token list, other minor improvements
  • 0.4 Added Android C2DM APID support
  • 0.42 Merged schedule_for fork into this branch (from hkukreja)