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import os
import time
import re
from slackclient import SlackClient
# instantiate Slack client
slack_client = SlackClient(os.environ.get('SLACK_BOT_TOKEN'))
# starterbot's user ID in Slack: value is assigned after the bot starts up
starterbot_id = None
# constants
RTM_READ_DELAY = 1 # 1 second delay between reading from RTM
MENTION_REGEX = "^<@(|[WU].+?)>(.*)"
def parse_bot_commands(slack_events):
Parses a list of events coming from the Slack RTM API to find bot commands.
If a bot command is found, this function returns a tuple of command and channel.
If its not found, then this function returns None, None.
for event in slack_events:
if event["type"] == "message" and not "subtype" in event:
user_id, message = parse_direct_mention(event["text"])
if user_id == starterbot_id:
return message, event["channel"]
return None, None
def parse_direct_mention(message_text):
Finds a direct mention (a mention that is at the beginning) in message text
and returns the user ID which was mentioned. If there is no direct mention, returns None
matches =, message_text)
# the first group contains the username, the second group contains the remaining message
return (, if matches else (None, None)
def handle_command(command, channel):
Executes bot command if the command is known
# Default response is help text for the user
default_response = "Not sure what you mean. Try *{}*.".format(EXAMPLE_COMMAND)
# Finds and executes the given command, filling in response
response = None
# This is where you start to implement more commands!
if command.startswith(EXAMPLE_COMMAND):
response = "Sure...write some more code then I can do that!"
# Sends the response back to the channel
text=response or default_response
if __name__ == "__main__":
if slack_client.rtm_connect(with_team_state=False):
print("Starter Bot connected and running!")
# Read bot's user ID by calling Web API method `auth.test`
starterbot_id = slack_client.api_call("auth.test")["user_id"]
while True:
command, channel = parse_bot_commands(slack_client.rtm_read())
if command:
handle_command(command, channel)
print("Connection failed. Exception traceback printed above.")
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