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"Farm out" long-running methods as Heroku one-off processes.
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"Farm out" background jobs by running them immediately as one-off Heroku processes. No more managing database- or Redis-backed queues. Run many jobs in parallel without scaling workers. Pay for only the dyno-hours you use.

Installation and Setup:

gem install farm

Set the environment variables API_KEY and APP_NAME to your Heroku API key and the name of your app on Heroku, respectively.

Rails >= 3.0:

The installation is finished.

Other Ruby apps:

Add the following lines to your Rakefile:

require 'farm'
require 'farm/tasks'

The Rakefile must also define a task called 'environment'. This task should load your application so that the farmed-out method can be executed in context.

Usage:       #=> Run directly  #=> Run in background as one-off Heroku process.

For local development, set the environment variable FARM_ENV=local. This will cause background tasks to be run as local rake tasks, rather than one-off Heroku processes.

How It Works:

The farm method stores your method call and serializes it to YAML. A Heroku API call then sends the serialized object via the CMD environment variable to a rake task called farm:run that deserializes the object and runs the stored method.

Sincere thanks to from which I copied lots of code and functionality.

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