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This will provide syntax coloring for HAML/SASS in BBEdit.
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This is a BBEdit Codeless Language Module for HAML/SASS.

It is intended to provide sytax coloring, folding, ...
for these lanuages.

These CLM have been rewritten to put them into the modern form (with CDATA)
and the keyword lists were improved.  I welcome all suggestions and comments.

Folded in suggested changes by:


Copy the plist files into ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Language Modules/

NB: Lion has hidden parts of the library as a default. If you cannot seem to find the library, click the Go menu in the finder and hold down the Option key. It should appear. - Thanks JP Wynn

Add a suffix mapping in BBEdit Preferences-> Languages



If you like this, there is a SASS/Compass/Blueprint clippings file at:

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