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- version: 2.0.5 (beta)
- Added configuration option for importing/exporting pages from admin: `config.allow_import_export = true|false`, `true` is the default at the moment
- Reworked the UI for import/export a little bit
- Added LINK option to `test_harness` rake task to symlink the comatose plugin directory instead of copying it
- Updated manifest and gemspec
- version: 2.0.4 (beta)
- Added a rake task to generate a test_harness (for use in development). From the comatose directory, run: `rake test_harness TARGET=../comatose_test_harness`. This will create an empty rails app, copy this working folder over to vendor/plugins/comatose, install acts_as_list and acts_as_tree, and run any setup needed, like script/generate comatose_migration and rake db:migrate.
- Bugfix in tasks/comatose.rake
- Comatose migration generator now adds the default comatose routes (`map.comatose_admin` and `map.comatose_root ''`) to the top of the routes.rb file. POSSIBLE GOTCHA: `map.comatose_root` should be moved to the bottom of the routes file!
- version: 2.0.3 (beta)
- Moving from alpha to beta!
- staugaard: Added import and export of pages in admin controller
- version: 2.0.2 (alpha)
- staugaard: Added "unloadable" to ComatoseController (problems with ActsAsAuthenticated-integration similar to
- jcnetdev: Tweaking gemspec
- version: 2.0.1 (alpha)
- Merged changes from andreas (
- andreas: Fixed comatose:admin:customize raketask (seems plugin_path was wrong, and made use of mkdir_p to avoid "File exists"-errors.)
- andreas: Added "unloadable" to ComatoseAdminController (problems with ActsAsAuthenticated-integration similar to
- version: 2.0 (uber alpha)
- Removed controllers, models, and helpers from Comatose module. It was causing odd issues
- Initial support for Rails 2.1(ish)
- Fixed up slug generation to remove leading and trailing whitespace
- Moved to github
- Changed all the .rhtml files to .html.erb
- Adding support for use as a gem plugin
- version: 0.8.1
- All includes and helpers are loaded at the end of the ComatoseController and ComatoseAdminController classes
- Fixed the ComatoseController#show action to correctly send an HTTP status of 404 even if it finds, and renders, a page at '/404'
- Fixed the migration to default a page's full_path to '' instead of null
- Formalized ComatoseDrops. Use Comatose.define_drop "drop_name", do ... end. Every method within that block should return a value for use with a Liquid and/or ERB template. Usage in a comatose page: {{ drop_name.def_name }}
- Added support for a config.after_setup block that gets called after Comatose is setup (in the Dispatcher#to_prepare event)
- Added HTML comment output for calls that result in a method_missing on the ProcessingContext
- Updated page tree to remember collapsed/expanded nodes between page visits
- Fixed some errors that were caused by null revisions (usually happened after initial installation)
- Added my javascript test_runner lib for testing slugs generated by JavaScript. More JS tests to come.
- Bugfix #8640 (rubyforge bug)
- version: 0.8
- Now ONLY supports Rails 1.2 (not even tested in Rails 1.1)
- New configuration system
- DEFER_COMATOSE_LOAD is gone -- Using Dispatcher.to_prepare replaces it
- You no longer extend the base classes to add functionality. You configure Comatose to include modules and send it symbols for providing said functionality. e.g. Comatose.config.includes << :authentiation_system; Comatose.config.authorization = :require_login
- The automatic loading of Rails.root/lib/comatose/*.rb files is NO longer supported.
- In addition to mapping comatose_root in your routes.rb, you'll want to map.comatose_admin as well
- version: 0.7.1
- A new DEFER_COMATOSE_LOAD flag is defined in the init.rb -- if you manually set it to `true`, you'll need to call Comatose.load in your environment.rb, but this should combat a lot of the plugin incompatiblities Coamtose has been suffering from
- The revisions link on the edit page is now only shown if you have revisions
- version: 0.7
- Finally, page versioning via Rick Olsen's excellent acts_as_versioned! (included)
- Tries to load any text filters, tags/drops, or extensions under Rails.root/lib/comatose/ (actually it just `require`'s every .rb file in that folder) so you no longer need to muck around with adding stuff in your environment.rb file
- Previewing a page no longer updates it
- version: 0.6.9
- The page context now supports, page.last, page.first_child, page.last_child
- version: 0.6.8
- Bugfix ComatoseController now references plugin_layout_path correctly from the class method
- Some HTML/CSS/JS cleanup on the administration view -- should degrade to straight HTML pretty well now
- version: 0.6.7
- Removed Comatose::Page.record_timestamps = false -- it was breaking the magic. Override the record_timestamp methds instead
- AdminController was still referencing, in a few places, ComatoseController for page cache expiration
- version: 0.6.6
- The cache expiration code is now on the ComatoseAdminController, as it should have been in the first place
- Changed internal references from root_paths or cms_root to mount_point, since that's what I've started calling them... And it seems to make the most sense
- Cleaned up the class_options code
- Added initial support for pre-caching pages (generating static HTML), there's not a UI element for it yet, however
- Changes to content-type handling:
- Removed Comatose::Options.force_utf8
- Added Support for Comatose::Options.content_type = "utf-8" This will affect the HTTP headers, as well as the META tag in the admin views
- Changed this log file to yaml format. And yes, there's a method to my madness... Wait for it.
- version: 0.6.5
- Fixed a bug in comatose_admin.js -- if you hid any of the meta_fields it would barf
- version: 0.6.4
- Fixed a typo in comatose_admin_customize.rhtml
- Controller now keeps all information about mount points not just the :root (uri) and :index (page tree)
- version: 0.6.3
- Fixed the customization tasks
- Added support for the new Routes system in Edge Rails
- Removed the getting started guide -- it's now available at:
- version: 0.6.2
- Fixed an issue with named_routes
- version: 0.6.1
- Fixed a migration issue
- version: 0.6
- Split out the admin from the ComatoseController into a new ComatoseAdminController class.
- Moved controllers/model into Comatose module, now ComatoseController extends Comatose::Controller, and ComatoseAdminController extends Comatose::AdminController. And they extend your ApplicationController ComatoseController
- Created a Comatose::Options class for configuration.
- Add Liquid support to Text Processing -- made it the default processor.
- Added support for adding 'tags' to processing context. They are Liquid Drops when using Liquid for processing, use like objects/methods when in ERB
- Changed comatose.css, comatose.js, and app/views/comatose to comatose_admin.css, comatose_admin.js, and app/views/comatose_admin
- Changed the names of some of the internals... ComatoseBinding is now Comatose::ProcessingContext, ComatosePageWrapper is Comatose::PageWrapper
- Bugfix: PostgreSQL need the scope to be a symbol instead of a string, eh? Fine -- it is so. (Thanks to Lyle for the fix)
- Added support for named routes... Anytime you use map.comatose_*, if * isn't 'root', it will use it as a named route
- version: 0.5
- Added support for parameterized inline rendering of comatose pages. Uselike a partial: render :comatose=>'path', :locals=>{:username=>'stuff'} the locals hash will be sent to the ERB context for use when rendering the page.
- Support for a Hash ERB context exists all the way down to the TextFilters.
- Initial support for fragment caching for inline rendering. It's turned off by default. Send :use_cache=>true in the render :comatose=>'' tag to use it. Caching will also not be used if you are sending the page parameters via the :locals hash. Oh, and don't forget to set your ActionController::Base.fragment_cache_store
- Return reloadable? false for the ComatoseController by default... This should prevent the development mode hassles people have been having.
- Updated data migration tasks to better support nested pages.
- comatose:data:export FROM=page_path TO_FILE=file_path
- comatose:data:import TO=page_path FROM_FILE=file_path
- FROM_FILE and TO_FILE default to 'db/comatose-pages.yml'
- FROM and TO default to '', the page tree root
- Fixed 'Clear Page Cache' bug -- it didn't handle the page root being an array like it should have.
- Removed :page_title and :page_keywords from session
- Updated the rails_version in the about.yml to 1.1+ -- just because I haven't tested it on anything less than that. If you have, and it works, let me know!
- Adds the utf8 header to all output (text/html; charset=utf-8). Use ComatoseController.force_utf8 = false to disable.
- Initial support for page reordering (via AJAX)
- Updated the administration look-n-feel.
- version: 0.4
- Added keywords field
- Abstracted text filters into a micro plugin structure, default support for Textile, Markdown, and RDoc
- It will only show the filters as a choice in the admin if you have the necessary libraries for the filters to function.
- Added ComatoseController.hidden_meta_fields = [] as a way of showing/hiding the meta fields
- The comatose_migration generator now accepts an --upgrade flag which will create a micro migration that only has the new fields in it
- get_root_page will now support returning an array of root pages to show in the admin page list
- Created some initial tests... (Can you tell I'm not a test _first_ guy?)
- Inline rendering now handles :silent flag -- it will just return and empty string if :silent=>true
- Modified all the internal references to ComatoseController to self.class.The views reference controller.class. Redirects redirect to :controller=>self.controller_name or controller.controller_name (action and view respectively). This show allow you to sub-class the ComatoseController.
- version: 0.3.1
- Abstracted retrieval of root comatose page to allow multi-user/limited view support
- Added redcloth so there are now no external dependencies... Other than Rails, of course ;-)
- DRYed up the folder structure a bit
- Added a Rakefile
- Made this ChangeLog more human-readable
- version: 0.3
- Added support for running entirely from the plugin
- Added support for hierarchal pages
- Pages are pre-filtered by ERB, therefor ERB can generate Textile
- Comatose binding object
- Used with ERB context to protect AR model
- Has a few helper methods too: link, include
- Migration updated
- rendered_body removed, not much sense with ERB pre-processing and page-caching
- full_path added for easy access to child pages
- position, and author fields for future use
- Administration Updates
- Page listing is now a collapsible tree view
- Page edit supports previewing the content
- Preview textile only for new pages, full ERB previews for existing pages
- ERB errors show up as AR errors
- Shows Title and Body fields by default, clicking 'more...' makes Slug and Parent visible
- CSS updates to lighten it up a bit
- version: 0.2
- Added support for rendering pages inline
- Added support for expiring entire page cache
- Added support for properly expiring pages when they are modified or deleted
- Update stylesheets, generally made it usable
- Fixed #new action
- Minor tweaks
- version: 0.1
- First mostly-working version
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