The sweet 'n simple cms/prototyping tool for creating static html websites and webapps.
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Gumdrop; The sweet cms/prototyping tool.

It generates static html and includes a dev server that can be run via any rack server (including POW!).


$ gem install gumdrop

Quick Start

$ gumdrop new SITE_NAME

(You can run gumdrop help to see a list of commands and their supported flags.)

Gumdrop will spit out a default Gumdrop project site for you, which you can then build by running:

$ gumdrop build

Bam! A static version of the site is now available in a newly created ./output folder.

Don't want the output there? Maybe you want it to put it in ./public instead? No problem. Open up the Gumdrop project file:

$ $EDITOR Gumdrop

At the top of the file you'll find a Gumdrop.configure block. Add this to the top of that block:

Gumdrop.configure do |config|

  config.output_dir= "./public"

  # ... Other stuff


Now, when you run gumdrop build again, it'll generate all the output into the ./public folder (creating it, if it doesn't exist).

Lots More

That's enough to get you started! Poke around the code it generated to see how it works. You can also start with a blank slate by running:

$ gumdrop new -t blank MY_BLANK_SITE

Gumdrop can do quite a lot and is very configurable. Be sure and read the wiki for documentation and more examples!

By The Power of...

Greyskull? Well, not so much. But Gumdrop core is powered by these excellent open source projects (in alphabetical order):

  • ActiveSupport
  • Bundle
  • Launchy
  • Onfire
  • Sinatra
  • Tilt
  • Thor

And will, optionally, leverage these in building your site:

  • coffee-script
  • erb
  • haml/sass
  • jsmin
  • slim
  • sqlite3
  • sprockets
  • stitch
  • and many, many more! (todo: gotta document 'em all!)