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Hypergenesis is a simple bash script to get your Mac up and running as quickly as possible.

It does several helpful setup steps for a fresh OSX install:

  1. Checkout your dotfiles and set them up with rcm
  2. Install homebrew and your usual taps, apps and casks
  3. Install nvm, the latest node and your usual global npm packages
  4. Install rvm, the latest Ruby, bundler and foreman

It's a simple script with strict assumptions (ie: you use rcm, nvm & rvm). I gladly welcome pull requests.


HYPERPREP: Preparing to run hypergenesis

On your existing development machine

./hyperprep.sh will create configuration files in your dotfiles directory listing your currently installed:

  • homebrew taps
  • homebrew installs
  • homebrew cask installs,
  • globally installed npm modules
  • for your convenience, the list of every app in your /Applications/ folder.

It assumes your dotfiles are at ~/.dotfiles. It will create several files in ~/.dotfiles/hypergenesis

Make sure to commit and push these changes

Run it from a fresh install

  1. Install XCode & the command line tools. Need more info?
  2. git clone git@github.com:mattmcmanus/hypergenesis.git wherever you want
  3. Run ./hypergenesis.sh from within the checked out hypergenesis directory

Things of note

The script is idempotent. It will skip already installed packages.

Describe to me hypergenesis's...genesis

I'm a big fan of devops. Using code to predictably and repeatedly configure servers is a wonderful thing. So like many nerds, I was excited to see boxen show up for development machine management. After throwing myself against the rocks multiple times, I finally gave up in frustration. Frankly, I’m tired of frameworks. I'm also tired of working against all the opinions of extremely opinionated software. So I set out to make a simple script with as few assumptions and layers as possible.