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<article class="h-entry h-review {%if page.image%}{%endif%}" role="article">
<header class="mb:mx-w-full sm:mb-12 flex flex-col items-center sm:flex-row sm:items-end">
{% include img.html class="u-photo md:flex-row-reverse sm:mr-8 md:flex-no-shrink md:mr-0 md:ml-8 sm:mb-0 md:order-last" imgClass="max-h-20 sm:max-h-full md:max-h-30 shadow-lg" src=page.image alt=page.title %}
<div class="flex-1 w-full mb-8 md:mb-0 md:w-1/2">
<h1 class="p-name mt-6 mb-1">
{{ page.book_title | titlecase }}
<p class="mb-1">
By {{ page.book_author | titlecase }}
<small class="Post-year">{{ page.book_published }}</small>
<p class="mb-1">
<data class="p-rating text-yellow text-lg" value={{page.rating}}>{% for num in ( %}★{% endfor %}</data>
<p class="mb-0">
<time class="uppercase text-grey-dark text-xs tracking-wide dt-published" datetime="{{ }}">{{ | date_to_string }}</time>
<div class="entry-content e-content p-review">{{ content }}</div>
{% include byline.html %}
<h4 class="row">Latest from the books shelf <small><a href="/category/review" >See all of them</a></small></h4>
{% assign reviews = site.posts | where_exp:"item", "item.categories contains 'review'"%}
{% include book-list.html reviews=reviews limit=5 %}