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This repository contains PDF scans of the VIPER newsletter.

VIPER was a hobbyist newsletter published between 1978 and 1984 focusing on RCA’s COSMAC VIP computer. Founded by Aresco, its early editors were Terry Laudereau, Rick Simpson, and Tom Swan. In 1981, the newsletter’s publication was continued by the VIP Hobby Computer Association (VIPHCA) under editor Ray Sills. VIPHCA ceased publishing VIPER in September of 1984.

All scans of the VIPER newsletter in this repository are provided for noncommercial use. Scans of volumes 1-2 have been posted with the permission of Rick Simpson. Scans of volumes 3-6 have been posted with the permission of Ray Sills.

These scans were originally posted to the now-defunct RCA COSMAC VIP Yahoo Group. Thanks to Ray Sills, Frank Awtrey, Jim Hall, and Aurel Boisvert for providing many of these original documents and scans.

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