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This repo contains some scripts and data for my college football analytics work.

Data Sets

R Scripts

  • 247_recruit_scrape.R: R script to pull years of team rankings from 247 team rankings. If you want more information than I pulled (like the number of 5 stars in a class) you'll have to change the inspector gadget css to pull.
  • cfbreference_schedule_scrape.R: R script to download multiple years of schedule from the cfb reference shcedule and results page. In addition you can get the upcoming season's schedule. Historic schedules and upcoming schedules are a little different so require different steps.
  • draft_scrape.R: R script to draft pick data.
  • team_cleanup.R: All the different sources use a different naming convention. This script tries to find all the matches between the three so that you can link records across different data sets.
  • qbr_weekly_scrape.R: WARNING; the ESPN servers hate scraping so you have to space the requests out a lot so if you want to download this data on your own be warned.
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