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calendar.vim creates a calendar window you can use within vim. It is useful in its own right as a calendar-inside-vim. It also provides hooks to customise its behaviour, making it a good basis for writing new plugins which require calendar functionality (see :help calendar-hooks for more information).


You can install calendar.vim in the usual way, by copying the contents of the plugin, autoload and doc directories into the equivalent directories inside .vim.

Alternatively, if you manage your plugins using pathogen.vim, you can simply clone into the bundle directory:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone git://

Or, using submodules:

cd ~/.vim
git submodule add git:// bundle/calendar-vim


Bring up a calendar based on today's date in a vertically split window:


Bring up a calendar showing November, 1991 (The month Vim was first released):

:Calendar 1991 11

The above calendars can alternatively be displayed in a horizontally split window:


Bring up a full-screen:


Fast mappings are provided:

  • <LocalLeader>cal: Vertically-split calendar
  • <LocalLeader>caL: Horizontally-split calendar

For full documentation, install the plugin and run :help calendar from within Vim.

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