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  • a command line binary for sending notifications to growl

  • a library for integrating growl into you c or c++ based applications


Sending notifications from Windows or Linux is supported. Unixes in general should be supported but are untested. Notifications may be received by Growl on Mac or GrowlForWindows on Windows.


It is open source and released under a modified BSD license.

C Functions

int growl(server, appname, notify, title, message, icon, password, url)

Send TCP notification. Currently this is supported only by GrowlForWindows.


  • server - hostname where Growl is running, port can optionally be specified e.g localhost:23053
  • appame - name for application sending notification
  • tite - notification title
  • message - notification text
  • icon - optional url or local file path for notification icon or NULL
  • password - password for Growl
  • url - website to direct user to if they click notification or NULL
int growl_udp(server, appname, notify, title, message, icon, password, url)

Send UDP notification. This is supported by both GrowlForWindows and Mac Growl.

As above except icon and url are ignored.

C++ Objects

Growl *growl = new Growl(protocol, password, appname, notifications, notifications_count);
growl->Notify(notification1, title, message);
growl->Notify(notification2, title, message);