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fedesog commented Feb 15, 2011

this is not really an issue. I'd like to add comments, mostly cut&paste from gtk documentation, to gtk.go so I can read how functions work from godoc documentation. Before starting I was wondering if it is better to break gtk.go into smaller files before doing that or just adding to gtk.go even if it will become a huge file.
What do you think?

I personally do not like this approach. What if official gtk documentation will evolve with time or go-gtk binding will switch to gtk-3.0. Also rule of the thumb works here: do not copy entities.


fedesog commented Feb 15, 2011

I was thinking something like PyGTK documentation, it would be nice to have enough documentation shown by godoc to write an application but I see your point.
Talking about gtk evolution, I noticed that you wrote bindings for some deprecated functions, do you mind if I add a comment to specify they are deprecated or are you planning to remove them?

I suppose there is no strict policy about what version of gtk we use with these go-gtk bindings. More probably the one which lives within ubuntu repos will be supported. Comments are more up to mattn, but I still think that http://library.gnome.org/devel/gtk have to be the only place where docs are.


fedesog commented Feb 19, 2011

In the meanwhile we should probably let Gnome know that a partial binding to Go exists (http://www.gtk.org/language-bindings.html). I will send them an email if mattn gives me the OK (this is his project after all :) )

mqu commented May 24, 2012

gtk languages bindings is now here : http://www.gtk.org/language-bindings.php (go is in the list).

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