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Go Fuzzy


$ go get


  • Faster and startup
  • Working on windows


  • Glob files and edit the selected file with vim.
$ vim `gof`
  • Run gof and type CTRL-O, then start to edit with editor.
$ gof
  • Read from stdin
$ find /tmp | gof

Key Assign

Key Description
CTRL-K,ARROW-UP Move-up line
CTRL-J,ARROW-DOWN Move-down line
CTRL-A,HOME Go to head of prompt
CTRL-E,END Go to trail of prompt
ARROW-LEFT Move-left cursor
ARROW-RIGHT Move-right cursor
CTRL-O Edit file selected
CTRL-I Toggle view header/trailing of lines
CTRL-L Redraw
CTRL-U Clear prompt
CTRL-W Remove backward word
BS Remove backward character
DEL Delete character on the cursor
CTRL-Z Toggle selection
Enter Decide


Option Description
-c Cat the selected file
-e Edit the selected file
- Remove the selected file
-l Launcher mode
-x Exit code for cancel (default: 1)
-d [path] Specify root directory

Launcher Mode

Put ~/.gof-launcher

[name]	[command]

name and command should be separated by TAB. gof -l launch commands for selected name. Below is a my .gof-launcher file.

Vim	gvim
Emacs	emacs
GIMP	gimp




Yasuhiro Matsumoto (a.k.a mattn)