Windows Desktop Mascot Applicaiton "Gopher"
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Love Gopher

This is a desktop mascot application running on your desktop on windows.


At the first, you need to run gopher.exe.


So Sweet!


If you did mis-type ls as sl.

So Fast!


This repository bundled gopherc.exe that is client application to operate Gopher.

gopherc -m Hello

You need more gophers?

Hello Gopher!


gopherc -j

Looking Good!

Vim plugin

Use misc/vim if you are vimmer.

:HeyGopher おなかすいた

So don't worry even if you are remaining alone at your office and you feel lonely.

RSS Notification

Run gopherfeed.exe to aggregate RSS feed.

It's Nice!

Websocket Chat

It seems that the members of the chat room are talking on your windows desktop.


No, this is fully statically executable file. And this's not CGO. But unfortunately, this only works on windows.


cd cmd\gopher

And copy gopher.exe into the path which is contained in %PATH% environment variables.


This code is provided under the MIT license. See . The image files of gopher which is created by Renee French are provided under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license.


Yasuhiro Matsumoto (a.k.a mattn)