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** Sonydb.h
** Made by (julien)
#ifndef SONYDB_H
# define SONYDB_H
#ifdef __GNUC__
#undef _WIN32
#ifdef _WIN32
#include <windows.h>
#include <direct.h>
#ifdef __MINGW32__
#include <io.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string>
#include <vector>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <algorithm>
#include <unistd.h>
using namespace std;
#ifndef _ID3LIB_ID3_H_
typedef short int16;
typedef int int32;
//typedef long long int64;
typedef char int8;
typedef unsigned short uint16;
typedef unsigned int uint32;
//typedef unsigned long long uint64;
typedef unsigned char uint8;
#if !defined(_WIN32) && !defined(__MINGW32__)
typedef long long __int64;
typedef unsigned short utf16char;
#define UINT32_SWAP_BE_LE(val) ((uint32) ( \
(((uint32) (val) & (uint32) 0x000000ffU) << 24) | \
(((uint32) (val) & (uint32) 0x0000ff00U) << 8) | \
(((uint32) (val) & (uint32) 0x00ff0000U) >> 8) | \
(((uint32) (val) & (uint32) 0xff000000U) >> 24)))
#define UINT16_SWAP_BE_LE(val) ((uint16) ( \
(((uint16) (val) & (uint16) 0x00ffU) << 8) | \
(((uint16) (val) & (uint16) 0xff00U) >> 8)))
#define SYNCHSAFE_B1(val) (((uint32) (val) >> 21) & (uint32) 0x000007F)
#define SYNCHSAFE_B2(val) (((uint32) (val) >> 14) & (uint32) 0x000007F)
#define SYNCHSAFE_B3(val) (((uint32) (val) >> 7) & (uint32) 0x000007F)
#define SYNCHSAFE_B4(val) (((uint32) (val) & (uint32) 0x0000007F))
#define NOT_SYNCHSAFE_B1(val) (uint8) (((val) & (uint32) 0xff000000U) >> 24);
#define NOT_SYNCHSAFE_B2(val) (uint8) (((val) & (uint32) 0x00ff0000U) >> 16);
#define NOT_SYNCHSAFE_B3(val) (uint8) (((val) & (uint32) 0x0000ff00U) >> 8);
#define NOT_SYNCHSAFE_B4(val) (uint8) ((val) & (uint32) 0x000000ffU);
utf16char *ansi_to_utf16(const char *str, long len, bool endian);
char *utf16_to_ansi(const utf16char *str, long len, bool endian);
#define TAGSIZE 128
#define OUTPUT_TAGSIZE 128
#define ON_DEVICE 0
#define ADD_TO_DEVICE 1
// 3 is reserved for MODIFIED
#define EMPTYTRACK 4
#define NOT_LOADED 0
#define LOADED 1
#define MODIFIED 2
typedef struct {
char *artist;
char *title;
char *album;
char *filename;
char *genre;
utf16char *wArtist;
utf16char *wTitle;
utf16char *wAlbum;
//utf16char *wFilename;
utf16char *wGenre;
int songlen; // seconds?
int track_nr;
int year;
int sonyDbOrder;
int statusOfSong; //0 was present on player, 1 was not present on player needs & to be added, 2 was present & needs to be removed
uint8 encoding; // mpeg version(2bits), layer version(2bits), bitrate(4bits)
} Song;
typedef struct {
int index;
char *name;
vector<Song*> songs;
} Playlist;
typedef struct
uint8 magic[4]; /* "magic file descriptor" */
uint8 cte[4]; /* Constant value */
uint8 count; /* Number of object pointers */
uint8 padding[7]; /* padding to 16 bytes */
} sonyFileHeader;
typedef struct
uint8 magic[4]; /* magic (same as object) */
uint32 offset; /* offset of the object (from the beginning)*/
uint32 length; /* size of object in bytes */
uint32 padding; /* padding to 16 bytes */
} sonyObjectPointer;
typedef struct
uint8 magic[4]; /* magic (same as object pointer) */
uint16 count; /* record count */
uint16 size; /* record size */
uint32 padding[2]; /* padding to 16 bytes */
} sonyObject;
typedef struct
uint8 fileType[4];
uint32 trackEncoding;
uint32 trackLength;
uint16 nbTagRecords;
uint16 sizeTagRecords;
} sonyTrack;
typedef struct
uint8 tagType[4];
uint8 tagEncoding[2];
bool sortByIndex(Song *a, Song *b);
bool sortByTrackNumber(Song *a, Song *b);
bool sortByAlbumName(Song *a, Song *b);
bool sortByArtistName(Song *a, Song *b);
bool sortByTitleName(Song *a, Song *b);
bool sortByGenreName(Song *a, Song *b);
bool sortPlaylist(Playlist s, Playlist s2);
bool sortByPlaylistIndex(Playlist s, Playlist s2);
class SonyDb
int id;
int lastTrackIndex;
int nbTrackToDel;
int nbTrackToAdd;
char* driveLetter;
int trackListLoaded; //0 not loaded, 1 loaded, 2 modified
char *deviceName;
char *decodeTableFilename;
bool useAllTags; //if you want to have "all albums" "all genre" etc...
/* disk space */
__int64 addTrackTotalByte;
__int64 delTrackTotalByte;
__int64 usedSpaceDisk;
__int64 freeSpaceDisk;
__int64 neededSpaceValue;
__int64 totalDiskSpaceValue;
char *totalDiskSpace;
char *totalUsedSpaceAfterApply;
char *freeDiskSpaceAfterApply;
char *addTrackTotalByteString;
char *delTrackTotalByteString;
char *neededSpace;
/* estimated time */
int bytePerSec; //estimated value will be calculated after first file as been transfered
__int64 totalByteLeftToWrite;
/* encoding decoding*/
int getTrackNumber(char *filename); //read the track number directly from the omg header
uint32 DvId;
int codeType; //0 no code, 1 decodeKeys.dat, 2 DvId.dat
/* copy progress */
bool copying; //currently getting or adding Oma files, or rewriting db
int copyIndex; //current file index
float copyPercent;// progress of the current file (in percent)
/* device related */
void freeAllTracks();
void freeAllPlaylist();
bool writeDatabase(vector<Song *> songsToSend);
char *GetOMAFilename(int id);
/* common header files */
bool getHeader(sonyFileHeader *fh, FILE *f);
bool getObjectPointer(sonyObjectPointer *op, FILE *f);
bool getObject(sonyObject *obj, FILE *f);
bool getTrack(FILE *f, Song *output);
bool writeHeader(sonyFileHeader *h, FILE *f);
bool writeHeader(sonyFileHeader *h, FILE *f, int count);
bool writeObjectPointer(sonyObjectPointer *p, FILE *f);
bool writeObject(sonyObject *obj, FILE *f);
bool writeTrackHeader(sonyTrack *t, FILE *f);
bool writeTrackTag(sonyTrackTag *tt, char *input, FILE *f);
/* file writers */
bool write_00GTRLST();
bool write_01TREEXX(vector<Song *> songsToSend, vector<Song *> list, int type);
bool write_01TREE22();
bool write_02TREINF(vector<Song *> songsToSend);
bool write_03GINFXX(vector<Song *> songsToSend, int type);
bool write_03GINF22();
bool write_04CNTINF(vector<Song *> songsToSend);
bool write_05CIDLST(vector<Song *> songsToSend);
bool write_TrackNumber(vector<Song *> songsToSend);
/* decoder encoder */
uint8 codeTable[1024];
bool loadCodeTable(int id);
bool addOMA(Song *s, int destination);
void deleteOMA(char *filename);
/* directory */
void createDir(int highestValue);
FILE *fp;
vector<Song> songs;
vector<Song> songs_temporary;
vector<Playlist> playlist;
vector<Playlist> playlist_temporary;
bool writeTracks();
int readAllTracks();
int readAllPlaylist();
vector<Song*> getSongs();
vector<Song*> getSongsInPlaylist(int source);
vector<Playlist*> getPlaylist();
bool deletePlaylist(int source, bool removeSongs);
bool addSong(Song *s); //add to the database
int delSong(Song *s); //del to the database
bool updSong(Song *s); //update to the database
bool getOMA(Song *s, char *destination);//download oma to mp3
/*encode decoder*/
void setTable(char *decodeTableFileName, int type);
/* misc */
bool isPresent();
bool isCopying();
int progressIndex();
int getCopyPercent();
bool detectPlayer();
bool detectPlayer(char* drive);
char* getDriveLetter();
int getNumberOfTracks();
char *getDeviceName();
int getId();
void setId(int newId);
int getNbTrackToDel();
int getNbTrackToAdd();
int isTrackListLoaded();
void setUseAllTags(bool value); //if you want to have "all albums" "all genre" etc...
bool getUseAllTags();
/* disk space*/
void updateDiskSpaceInfo();
char *getTotalDiskSpace();
char *getTotalUsedSpaceAfterApply();
char *getFreeDiskSpaceAfterApply();
char *getSizeTrackToAdd();
char *getSizeTrackToDel();
char *getNeededSpace();
int getNeededSpaceValue();
/* playlist */
bool addPlaylist(Playlist *p);
int getNbPlaylist();
#endif /* !SONYDB_H */