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Commits on Nov 16, 2015
  1. handle windows path

Commits on Mar 24, 2012
  1. @kana

    Bump to 0.0.5

    kana committed
Commits on Jun 7, 2011
  1. @kana
Commits on Mar 31, 2010
  1. @kana

    Use mduem

    kana committed
Commits on Mar 28, 2010
  1. @kana
  2. @kana

    Add a post-writing hook

    kana committed
  3. @kana
  4. @kana
  5. @kana
  6. @kana
  7. @kana
  8. @kana
  9. @kana

    vim: Fix documents - old tags

    kana committed
  10. @kana
  11. @kana
  12. @kana

    vim: metarw: doc: Fix Optionals

    kana committed
  13. @kana

    vim: metarw: Mark as version 0.0.3

    kana committed
  14. @kana
  15. @kana

    vim: metarw: Refactor code on writing

    kana committed
    Refactor duplicated code on writing - put them into s:write().
  16. @kana

    vim: metarw: Revert removing line1 and line2 on writing

    kana committed
    Revert removing line1 and line2 for metarw#{scheme}#write().
    Because they may be used in some cases.
  17. @kana
  18. @kana
  19. @kana

    vim: metarw: Fix another typo

    kana committed
  20. @kana

    vim: metarw: doc: Fix a typo

    kana committed
  21. @kana

    vim: plugins: Fix the style of documents

    kana committed
    - Add missing "Requirements" for the documents of some plugins.
    - Change the links for Vim scripts - use vimscript#{id} notation.
    - Unify the notation for list items in "Requirements" - use "-", not "*".
  22. @kana

    vim: metarw: Mark as version 0.0.2

    kana committed
  23. @kana
  24. @kana

    vim: Documents - revise the style / tags for plugin names

    kana committed
    Revise the style of the documents of all plugins, especially, on INTRODUCTION:
    - The first word is the name of a plugin, and the word is also the tag to jump
      to there with :help {plugin-name}.
    - For ku sources, use "ku-source-{source}" for the first word.
    - For metarw schemes, use "ku-source-{source}" for the first word.
    - No period for items in Requirements and other lists.
    - Place 2 blank lines between the last paragraph and the lists like
  25. @kana

    vim: metarw: Mark as version 0.0.1

    kana committed
  26. @kana
  27. @kana

    vim: ku, metarw: Remove ku-metarw combinations

    kana committed
    Ku supported metarw schemes as ku sources, but the feature was written in the
    core of ku.  To provide the same feature as a special source, the feature is
    removed from the core of ku.
    Remove notes on the feature in the documents of ku and metarw.
  28. @kana

    vim: metarw: Fix not to hook fakepaths with short scheme name

    kana committed
    Add 2 rules on the name of a scheme - length and characters.
    Fix autocommands not to hook fakepaths with any schene name which consists of
    less than 2 characters.  Old definitions incorrectly recognized paths with
    a drive letter in Microsoft Windows environment as a fakepath.
  29. @kana

    vim: metarw: Fix to be properly reloadable

    kana committed
    plugin/metarw.vim was not properly reloadable, because it did not reset
    autocommands defined by itself.  Fix this problem.
  30. @kana

    vim: ku, metarw, metarw-git: Document - fix wrong requirements

    kana committed
    Fix wrong requirements described in the documents of vim-ku, vim-metarw and
    vim-metarw-git.  Those plugins use fnameescape() which is added since Vim
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