Sublime Text 2 plugin to facilitate testing of HTTP APIs
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Sublime Text 2 plugin to facilitate testing of HTTP APIs using raw HTTP. This is particularly handy when working with JSON APIs that return large data sets, as sublime has built-in features that make the JSON more readable.

sublime-http-helper is under the MIT license.

Project url:


Drop the files in a package directory of your choice in your sublime packages directory.

If you do a git clone, that would be (in the Packages dir): $ git clone HttpHelper


Open a new file in sublime and paste your raw HTTP request into it. Wikipedia has a good example:

GET /index.html HTTP/1.1

Open sublime's console window (Ctrl + `), and enter view.run_command('http_helper'). HttpHelper will open a socket to the host specified in the Host: header on port 80 and send the request. When the response is received, HttpHelper will open a new window containing the response body.

You can add the http_helper command to your *.sublime-keymap file(s) with the following:

	"keys": ["ctrl+alt+h"], "command": "http_helper"

Be sure to choose a keybinding that is convenient and does not interfere with anything else.