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Middleman blog template containing ZURB Foundation and sensible default components and templates
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This is a template for the excellent Middleman static site generator that incorporates ZURB Foundation 4 and reasonable defaults for building out a blog. As with all Middleman templates, using Bundler and rbenv is recommended.


  • middleman-blog 3.2
  • Zurb Foundation 4.2
  • Font Awesome 3.2
  • Many elements and defaults from HTML5 Boilerplate
  • A warning overlay presented to older IE browsers (< IE9)
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Disqus integration
  • Automatic XML Sitemap creation on build
  • A sensible mobile-first starter layout for a blog. You will most likely want to make numerous changes to the styling - I didn't make any assumptions about the design. Don't judge it on its looks, this isn't a blog theme, it is meant to be a foundation to build on.


Clone into ~/.middleman (you'll have to create it if it doesn't exist). You can then use it with the --template flag on middleman init.

  1. mkdir -p ~/.middleman
  2. git clone git:// ~/.middleman/zurb-foundation
  3. middleman init my_new_project --template=zurb-foundation
  4. cd my_new_project && bundle install
  5. middleman server

For more help follow Middleman's project template instructions or feel to ask me on Twitter.

Removing blog functionality

This template is still a good starting point for sites that don't require blogging functions. To remove blog-specific stuff:

  1. git rm source/blog/*
  2. git rm source/layouts/article.erb
  3. Remove middleman-blog from Gemfile.
  4. Remove blog-related styles from source/stylesheets/base.css.scss. They are all at the bottom of the file grouped together under the header "Blog Articles".
  5. Remove blog-related settings from config.rb. They are all grouped at the top under the header "Blog Settings".
  6. Update the home page (source/index.html.erb) to do something more relevant to your site.


Two sites that I know of that use this template as a starting point (if there are more, let me know!):

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