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A .NET Core class library for accessing the Met Office DataPoint API
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.NET wrapper to query the Met Office DataPoint API for weather data.


To use MetOfficeDataPoint in your C# project, you can either download the MetOfficeDataPoint C# .NET libraries directly from the Github repository or, if you have the NuGet package manager installed, you can grab them automatically.

PM> Install-Package MetOfficeDataPoint

Once you have the MetOfficeDataPoint libraries properly referenced in your project, you can include calls to them in your code.

Add the following namespaces to use the library:

using MetOfficeDataPoint;
using MetOfficeDataPoint.Models;
using MetOfficeDataPoint.Models.GeoCoordinate;


The below code can be used in a .NET Core project, a test project is also included in the GitHub solution.

    public class Program
        public static void Main(string[] args)
            // Create client
            MetOfficeDataPointClient client = new MetOfficeDataPointClient("[TOKEN}");

            // Get all sites
            SiteListResponse siteListResponse = client.GetAllSites().Result;

            // Get available forcasts
            AvailableTimeStampsResponse availableTimeStampsResponse = client.GetAvailableTimestamps().Result;

            // Get all 3 hourly forecasts
            ForecastResponse3Hourly forecastResponse3Hourly = client.GetForecasts3Hourly().Result;

            // Get daily forecasts for site 14
            ForecastResponseDaily forecastResponseDaily = client.GetForecastsDaily(14).Result;

            // Get historical observations
            ForecastResponse3Hourly historicalResponse = client.GetHistoricalObservations().Result;

            // Get closest site
            GeoCoordinate coordinate = new GeoCoordinate(51.508363, -0.163006);
            Location location = client.GetClosestSite(coordinate).Result;


See here for an example of this in action with the weather status matched to corresponding weather icons.

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