Provides a select drop down in YUI paginator templates to jump to a particular page.
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YUI Paginator ui template

YUI paginator wiget supports 
custom templates.  This is three.


JumpToPageDropdown provides a <select> html element listing all pages.  
Selecting one of these will change the page.  This is useful if you've got a lot
more pages than you are displaying page links.  Say you've got 200 pages
and 10 page links along the top, you have to keep clicking next to get to 
page 100.  With this you just select 100 from the drop down.

To add to a template, you'll need to include this, after you've included
YUI paginator and other things, but before you render your paginator.


    Jump to {JumpToPageDropdown}

in the paginator template string.

The control will have a class


and an id:
		id_base + '-jtp'
Where id_base is the, well, base id of the paginator.


A simple extension of RowsPerPageDropdown that lets you add an 'all' option
to the rowsPerPage options:


   Show {RowsPerPageDropdownAll} rows per page
in the paginator template string, and in the config for the Paginator use

   rowsPerPageOptions : [5,10,25,50,"all"]
It's a while since I did this, but I think this is most useful with server-side
pagination where you know the total number of rows but they're not all on 
the page.

This also adds a property and some simple methods to the Paginator which may
be useful when using it.


Simplest of them all: how many rows are there in total?!

Renders as a span with class yui-pg-totalrows and the number.  


  There are {TotalRows} records in total.