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*Note: I haven't coded in ruby before, so feel free to point out mistakes/corrections, etc, etc.

SiriTunes is a Siri Proxy plugin that allows you to play, pause, adjust the volume, skip to the next/previous track, and request specific songs, albums, and artists in iTunes on a Windows PC.

SiriTunes was created by parm289.  You are free to use, modify, and redistribute this gem as long as proper credit is given to the original author.

	Generally, you'll need to preface each request with "iTunes."  This avoids conflicts with Siri's control of the iPhone's internal music app.  The currently implemented commands are (with alternative commands in []):
		"iTunes, put on _____" (where ____ is a song title, artist, or album) - Plays a specific song, artist or album.
		"iTunes, play" - Plays/unpauses iTunes (equivalent to clicking the play button in the iTunes appliation).
		"iTunes, pause" - Pauses iTunes.
		"iTunes, next [previous] song" - Skips to the next/previous song.
		"iTunes, raise [lower] the volume" - Raises/lowers the iTunes volume.

Installation (untested):
	To install SiriTunes, edit your Siri Proxy config.yml file to include the parameters listed in SiriTunes' config-info.yml file.  Then, run "bundle install" in your Siri Proxy directory to install the SiriTunes gem.