Commits on Apr 1, 2012
  1. Extra nestTagException for ?php (not that it makes difference)

    Removed ICEcoder.tD var as it was hardly used and theress no char saving really
    Switched a few areas to ternary if statements
    Code improvements, structure tidy up & improved commenting
    Removed unnecessary code, stopped a few global vars
    Also considering ?php as well as ?
    Breaking tagEnd var on new lines to avoid nesting false errors
    CTRL+I searches for highlighted word on Google in a context aware way
    (ie, highlight 'echo' in a PHP block and it will search for 'PHP echo',
    highlighting 'echo' in content area will search for just 'echo')
    New function to select/deselect file/folder by changing CSS class
    Only show New File and New Folder context menu options if we right clicked a folder
    Simplified getcMInstance function
    Improved commenting function to allow partial line commenting
    Fixed issue with clicking plugin icons and server queue deletion on return
    Fixed issue with CSS color blocks so they only show if they have a BG color
    committed Apr 1, 2012
  2. Fix & improvements to end tag postfixing, tab key & removing old code

    Code assist now won't add an end tag if yours starts with a / (ie, it's already an end tag)
    Also won't add an end tag if yours starts with ? (ie, it's ending a PHP block: ?>)
    Switched from using the htmlTagArray to determin an end tag, to the tagString var
    CodeMirror 2.23 handles tabs in a different way, so extraKeys has been set up to handle differently to new default
    Old code removed related to showing results on clicking (now handled onChange as that's more efficient)
    committed Apr 1, 2012
  3. Span wrapper for dynamic context menu and fix to plugin icons clickab…

    New file and new folder options now inside span wrapper so it can be shown or not
    (This is because these options are only suitable for folders and not files)
    Fix to plugins that run through fileControl iFrame to make icon clickable again
    committed Apr 1, 2012
  4. Version & CodeMirror Update

    Update ICEcoder to v0.6.0 and CodeMirror to v2.23
    committed Apr 1, 2012
  5. Display server message

    Now shows server message when loaded, to also cover clicking plugin icon
    committed Apr 1, 2012
  6. Updated CodeMirror to v2.23

    committed Apr 1, 2012
  7. Removed CodeMirror v2.22

    Update to v2.23
    committed Apr 1, 2012
Commits on Mar 26, 2012
  1. Minor bug fix to better detect file saving capabilities

    Now tests if a file exists and is writable or is new before saving
    Avoids false error problem
    committed Mar 26, 2012
Commits on Mar 25, 2012
  1. Clear server message & remove from server queue when done

    When the plugin is actioned, hide the server message and remove from the server queue
    committed Mar 25, 2012
  2. Version number update & server messages available for Plugins

    Update to 0.5.9
    Plugins can now provide a server message
    ie, fileControl:<b>Zipping Open Files</b>
    committed Mar 25, 2012
  3. Clearing of server queue items in turn & saving from content snapshot

    When an action is performed (or not performed due to error), it is cleared from the server queue
    Saving is now done from the saveTemp1 textarea element (a snapshot when save is requested by user)
    committed Mar 25, 2012
  4. Server Queue, CSS Color Preview, scrolling bug fix & some minor updates

    New server queue system added which deals with and processes server calls in turn
    (This should stop any potential connectity conncurrency issues)
    Saving now takes a temp snapshot of the content to be saved when due in the server queue
    Having a server queue is more professional and means you can queue up actions while other actions are happening
    refresh() is now called in a couple of places so scroll position is applied
    (This avoids the bug when switching between tabs)
    Server messages now accept a message as part of the variable
    (This means you now show messages via the plugins setInterval system)
    CSS color preview boxes appear when text cursor moves within the color value
    CSS color preview system also ties in with Code Assist and is part of the toggle
    You also now refocus when clicking Code Assist
    committed Mar 25, 2012
  5. pluginActions iFrame removed

    Plugins are now processed through the new server queue system
    This should help avoid any potential connectivity concurrency issues and is more professional
    committed Mar 25, 2012
  6. CSS Color Preview Added

    Now calls the cssColorPreview function onCursorActivity of the cM instance
    committed Mar 25, 2012
Commits on Mar 12, 2012
  1. Version number update, bannedFiles also covers WordPress

    Simple version number update
    wp- added to bannedFiles
    committed Mar 12, 2012
  2. Error catching to alerts plus clearing serverMessage

    Alerts now show when an action cannot be taken (such as not having permission to save file etc)
    Clearing of serverMessage upon successfully processing action
    committed Mar 12, 2012
  3. Lock icon moves with FM width change, setting serverMessages

    File Manager lock now moves as the width changes (via setLayout)
    serverMessages block now displays message when creating, saving, deleting, loading and renaming
    Function to handle display of server messages incl fade in/out
    committed Mar 12, 2012
  4. serverMessage class additions

    Added CSS for serverMessage DIV box which fades in/out on demand
    Shows as partly transparent white block over files in file manager
    committed Mar 12, 2012
  5. Removed fake 404 page, added serverMessage

    Fake 404 page idea removed, now redirects to domain root
    Added DIV for serverMessages
    committed Mar 12, 2012
  6. Removed problematic $ownerInfo, simplify file info, extended $restric…

    …tedFiles to folders
    $ownerInfo var previous available, based on posix_getpwuid
    However, this isn't available on all servers, so removed
    File attributes now no longer show as lock, just CHMOD info next to filename
    If you're not logged in though, you see lock with alert message via onClick
    $restrictedFiles now covers folders too
    Removed redundant code for files when you're restricted no need for if clause
    committed Mar 12, 2012
  7. Updated details on installation

    Updated details as setup & usage is now simpler
    committed Mar 12, 2012
Commits on Mar 9, 2012
  1. Syntax fix & extra comment

    Fix to var'ing within ternary expression. Oops.
    committed Mar 9, 2012
  2. Code Assist, Removing Upload, New Vars

    New vars added for codeAssist, mouseDown and draggingFilesW
    Upload references removed
    Standalong & chars only replaced if Code Assist is on
    New function to resize the file manager width on click-drag
    scrollTop removed from function to determine mouse x & y pos
    However, new dragCursorTest function triggered from the function
    Function added to toggle Code Assist var on/off
    committed Mar 9, 2012
  3. Mouse events added & changed

    moving mouse now triggers function to get mouse position x & y pos in html tag not body
    also detects if we can resize file manager width
    new event states added to detect if mouse is down or not and set bool of mouseDown
    committed Mar 9, 2012
  4. Mouse events & removing Upload area

    moving the mouse now triggers a function to get the mouse x & y pos
    also detects if we can maybe resize the file managers width
    mouseDown var added as a bool on mouse down & update
    Upload area removed
    Code Assist function added
    committed Mar 9, 2012
  5. User select, upload, tabsBar and Code Assist updates

    user0-select: none and the prefixes applied to body to stop elem highlighting on click-drag
    upload classes removed as upload area is now removed
    tabsBar now has a 0.2s transition on the BG image for fancy animed colouring
    new classes for Code Assist function
    committed Mar 9, 2012
  6. Update to v 0.5.7

    Update of version number only
    committed Mar 9, 2012
  7. Rename tab only if it's a new name

    If we have a new filename redo the tab, otherwise don't
    committed Mar 9, 2012
  8. Keyup works with Code Assist

    Only if Code Assist is on will the keyup event allow help with coding
    committed Mar 9, 2012
Commits on Mar 2, 2012
  1. Improvement to File Manager

    Adding, editing or removing file or folders now triggers function to update manager
    Previously it reloaded the file manager, but this is no longer needed
    Overall result is that it works much faster, you don't lose your opened tree structure etc
    committed Mar 2, 2012
  2. Improvements to File Manager, setLayout & contentCleanUp & other mino…

    …r fixes
    File Manager now 250px wide by default
    Also locked by default
    setLayout function now allows partial set mode to set structure while waiting for FM to load
    contentCleanUp now replaces via regex to handle multiple replacement of & and textarea
    New Folder prompt now relative to location
    Huge updateFileManager function to allow adding, editing & removing of files to reflect immediately in FM
    committed Mar 2, 2012
  3. Matching text function avail plus improvements & fixes to CM display

    2 x JS scripts loaded from Code Mirrors lib plus the call to allow selected text matching
    Different styling for visible & hidden classes
    These classes mean not only faster tab switching but also fixes render problems on some computers
    committed Mar 2, 2012
  4. fullPath var, FM open by default and partially triggering setLayout

    new variable to allow JS to know what the servers full path is
    File Manager pane open and locked by default
    Opacity of it is 0 until loaded, then it shows
    Layout set at end of this file to sort structure until FM is loaded
    (Of course when fully loaded, a full setLayout is called)
    committed Mar 2, 2012
  5. Temporary fixes to $ownerInfo

    ICE coder simply not showing on some servers
    Temporarily removed this until a better solution can be implemented
    committed Mar 2, 2012