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Commits on May 10, 2012
  1. Nav design improvements & fix to .file types

    Nav highlighting & changed status indication now improved
    Fixed problem when adding .files it sees it as a folder
  2. Version number update only

  3. Couple of new filetype icons

Commits on May 9, 2012
  1. Plenty of adjustments to give a new darker styling

    Felt the file manager on the left being white was a bit jarring on the eyes
    A darker background would be more suitable for long periods
    Also decided to overhaul icons and give everything a modern feel
    Previously it looked a bit dated, now looks much fresher
  2. Links in FM now white to suit dark BG removed CSS for unused filetypes

    Plus added a couple of more specific filetypes
    Commented out a few as I'll add them v/soon (before next point release)
  3. Adjustments to colours/styling of tabs, items in FM & new Help popup

    Minor alts to suit different states of tabs
    Also minor alts to select/deselect of files/folders in file manager to suit darker style
    New function to show/hide help popup on demand
  4. Minor alts to graphics to fit new styling

    Slight adjustments to contrast of graphics
  5. Help popup by clicking logo

    You can now access help popup by clicking ICEcoder logo
  6. Help popup added

    New help popup screen, accessed by clicking ICEcoder logo
    Shows shortcut keys for now
  7. New & updated file manager icons

    Added a few more specific icons such as html, js, ruby etc
    Now starting to look more modern
    Udpdated some general icons such as directory & refresh too
  8. Removing old icons

    Removed many icons from the file manager
    This is because I won't be supporting these file types, they're general purpose, or look dated
    Will look to add css, sql, doc, pdf, swf, xls and more in the future
Commits on May 8, 2012
  1. Dealing with new files & lastOpenedFiles array

    [NEW] or 'blank' files not allowed into lastOpenedFiles array
    Only update settings file if we have something to save
    Otherwise, clear server message and remove from server queue
  2. Dealing with fileMDT for new files

    Don't tack fileMDT onto query string if it's undefined (ie, new files)
    New file saves then possible if we don't have a fileMDT on query string
  3. New openFilesMDT array, stop erroneously showing changed tab & minor …

    openFilesMDTs array now stores modified datetimes for collab edits
    Stop clearing value of editor instance to avoid change tab error
    New code to work with openFilesMDTs array
    Stop switching to another tab unless we're closing current
  4. Additional if check on file datetime for collab edits

    Wrapped an additional if around the save operations
    This is to check if we have latest file, allowing collab edits
    (if we attempt save and don't have latest modified date time, alert user
    Other minor updates to work with new MDT vars, params, arrays
    clearstatcache necessary to get latest modified datetime
  5. Default BG now dark grey

Commits on May 7, 2012
  1. Merge pull request #50 from WimTibackx/master

    Fixes error #49 by isset catching missing GET & POST key errors in a stricter environment. Merged.
  2. @WimTibackx

    One more...

    WimTibackx authored
  3. @WimTibackx
  4. @WimTibackx

    Fixing issue #49: Notices in settings.php (unknown POST/GET-keys). Ab…

    WimTibackx authored
    …out fix for issue #49 (example: lib/settings.php line 46): If isset(post theme) gives false, post theme would've given that too. If it gives true, validation is still the same as before.
  5. Update

  6. Update

  7. Update

  8. Update

  9. Update

Commits on May 5, 2012
  1. New multiple results screen

    Shows multiple find results & allows user to replace singally, or all
    Also shows count of found results, updates text & button vis on interaction
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