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Commits on Sep 9, 2012
  1. Version 0.8.4

  2. UTF-8, ternary switching & condensing code

    Added UTF-8 charset metatag
    Ternary switching instead of if else
    Condensing 2 if statements into 1
    Removed old commented line
  3. Condensing & improving code

    Simplifying & condensing code in a number of areas
    Checking for changed content using indexOf
    showFileMenu function to handle continuing to show file menu
    (used when moving mouse over options to stop it dissapearing)
    Condensing multiple <?php ?> blocks
    File manager icons now using classes rather than inline styles
    Ternary if condition
  4. File manager icon classes added

    Instead of using inline styles
  5. Now using ICEcoder iconset & default class

    Use ICEcoders default iconset to save 7kb
    Adjust all CSS BG positions to match this image now
    Add ext-file to handle default (unsupported) filetypes
  6. Beautify, define filetypes & use default

    Unminify for user readability, can uglify in production use
    Add fileTypesArray to define supported filetypes
    If we have a file without a supported filetype, use ext-file as default
  7. Remove icons

    Using ICEcoder iconset now to save bytes
Commits on Sep 8, 2012
  1. Simplify building up previousFiles

    Using implode to create CSV within JS array block
    Added 'v ' to title tag
  2. Version number is now numeric only

    Removed 'v ' prefix from version number so it can be evaluated in
    conditions easier
    Hardcoded 'v ' before all places where the version number is shown
    No longer need to ltrim 'v ' from the version number
  3. ltrimming 'v ' on version num, put back in

    Needed to leave the ltrimming of 'v ' from the version number, put back
  4. No longer trimming 'v ' & clearer syntax on cmv

    The latest version number doesn't have a 'v ' prefix now
    Altered the syntax when checking cmv to make it shorter & clearer
  5. Condensing code, UTF-8 and messages on load

    Check for IP address or * in array via in_array
    Shorten long vars to $icv and $cmv in checking for updates
    UTF-8 char set added to head
    $updateMsg set if there is a newer version and this triggered onload
  6. Removing spaces from 4 x CSVs before use

    Before saving the values, remove spaces from CSV values provided by user
    Also covering the same thing in the 4 x session arrays & arrays that are
  7. Remove padlock to simplify look

    No longer showing padlock next to hidden files, looks cleaner & simpler
  8. Show found instance count

    Now showing number of times our find string is found in a file
  9. readdir created theme array, fix to for counter

    Instead of using a hardcoded array, we are now generating this from CSS
    files in the CodeMirror theme folder
    Need to count the array length, not 1 less than it (2 places)
  10. Switching to use new filetypes

    files-arrow.gif now .png
    nav-bg-gif now .jpg x 2
  11. GIF now a PNG to save bytes, also more subtle

    Mid-grey instead of white
  12. Removed file, not needed

    Don't need to include this in ICEcoder really
Commits on Sep 7, 2012
  1. Version no now at v 0.8.3

  2. Param adjust and setting up functions for process

    Not refering to a number when calling replaceInFileSingle, instead set
    file ref as a string param
    replaceInFileSingle simply sends the fileRef and find & replace values
    to the new replaceInFile function so it can begin it's process
    replaceInFilesAll runs through all files in the foundArray and calls
    replaceFileInSingle repeatedly with the fileRef
    When it's finished running through all files, it hides the blackMask,
    returning to the usual view
  3. New action process added for replaceText

    Upon replaceText being needed, we detect if we have a high enough
    userLevel and if it's writable, if not provide an appropriate message to
    the user
    Otherwise - read, replace and save the new content with the find/replace
    combo requested
    Clear the server message and item from the queue
  4. replaceInFile function added

    New function added which takes 3 params for fileRef, find & replace
    Adds a new job to the server queue with an action of replaceText and the
    3 params
    Also adds a serverMessage
  5. Don't autoload files that are already open

    Check if files are already opened and if so, skip autoloading it
  6. Make ICEcoder avail in PHPGrey, check res & ban

    Make global ICEcoder var avail to be used in PHPGrep function
    If the user isn't logged in, check if the file we're considering showing
    is a restricted file and if so set rFile = true
    Syntax fixed - swapped strpos params round (needle, haystack)
  7. iceRoot & docRoot set if level 10

    Available for use if user is logged in
Commits on Aug 30, 2012
  1. Extra param on webkitRequestFullScreen needed

    Text input fields in fullscreen mode wouldn't allow alphanum chars. You
    need this extra param to make that work OK.
  2. Find in files done, replace in files half done

    Now detects if we're finding in filenames, files or otherwise, open docs
    Extra else condition to handle finding in files
    Uses a Grep like technique to recursively find in files and build up a
    (Need to get the exclusion of restricted and banned files working)
    It then displays the results in the results display DIV once we have a
    list build up
    File paths are dropped into foundArray
    These can then be used by 2 x new functions to replace and replace all
    (This final part is to be done)
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