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Commits on Sep 19, 2012
  1. Merge branch 'temp'

    Fixing stupid Github problems
  2. Version 0.8.5

  3. Error with Github here, actual change is line 180

    Line 180 checks if pluginsContainer exists and if so, sets the innerHTML
  4. if loggedIn conditions removed

    User cannot view this file if not logged in, so not logged in handling
    no longer needed
  5. accountLogin and login related items removed

    accountLogin removed as an aliasArray to create
    login param not needed on init function
    Remove the if & else condition depending on login, this is not done here
    No need to set login, not there anymore
    refreshFileManager no longer needs to take action on logging in, user
    would already be logged in
  6. if loggedIn condition removed

    You cannot view this file if not logged in, so no need to check again
  7. No longer need login area

    Logging in now done on seperate screen not here
  8. Removing of if condition regarding loggedIn

    You can only view this file if logged in now, do no need for if or if
    else conditions
  9. No need for if condition here

    Removed if checks and else conditions in a couple of places
  10. No need for if condition now

    You can only see multiple results if logged in, so no need for this if
  11. bannedFiles changed

    Now just hide _coder and ICEcoder folders to hide ICEcoder itself from
    the file manager
    Users can now see everything else
  12. Cannot view if not logged in

    No need to check for loggedIn anymore, you simply cannout view this page
    if not logged in
    Removed login param from init() function call
  13. Remove if condition

    No longer showing ICEcoder if we're not logged in, so no need for if
Commits on Sep 18, 2012
  1. Reworked, so no login, no access to anything

    Big set of changes so that you only see a login screen until you're
    logged in
    Upon receiving a good login password attempt, also now immeditaley
    redirect after setting session var
    Rearranged a few chunks of code to logically make more sense
    SImplified quite a few things by condensing code
    Now shows a login/set password screen
    Prior to showing this though, if we're setting a password and once
    hasn't been set yet, do that and redirect
    If we're not logged in or don't have a password plus not on the settings
    file, redirect to that to login or set password
  2. SESSION userLevel now loggedIn

    Moving away from the idea of multiple user levels, users will either
    have full access or no access
    Swapped all userLevel session vars to a loggedIn var, which is a bool
    Makes things simpler and paves the way towards the new login screen
    (before you see any files, code etc)
Commits on Sep 16, 2012
  1. Use strpos instead of strstr

    Instead of just finding our dirname within the finalArray using strstr,
    now using strpos and detecting if it's pos 0, which is much more
    appropriate & reliable.
    Example: Looking for /bob/t1.txt for may potentially return a false
    positive for finding '/bob' in '/another/bob1/abc' and files therefore
    t1.txt ends up in the wrong folder. This false positive only occurs when
    the write order of hard drive storage has stored another/bob1/abc before
    /bob and therefore retrieval load order can cause this odd, occasional
    Checking for /bob being the start of our finalArray item through
    strpos===0 eliminates this possibility.
Commits on Sep 14, 2012
  1. Dynamic scoll height, undo URI encoding, use vars

    resultsPane id setup. This then allows us to change the height to fill
    more of the popup if we don't have replaceAll button at the bottom.
    Establish findText in both PHP and JS (they need different sources for
    their values unfortunately)
    (JS for encoding simplicity by just using input field value and PHP to
    get GET value as it can't pick up the parent input field value)
    Use findText in both JS and PHP variations where appropriate
  2. URI encoding var with ICEcoder: prefix

    Don't need cM anymore
    Replace apostrophes with HTML entity value
    If we have something that should be URI encoded, encode it but also with
    an ICEcoder: prefix, so we know we need to unencode it
Commits on Sep 13, 2012
  1. Don't mess with CSS, instead use API to set size

    Instead of detecting & altering stylesheets, run through CM instances
    and set the size
    Needs to be done via setTimeout to avoid timing issues
  2. Set the recommended default of h:auto & o:visible

    Not that this works without a container.
    Could investigate wrapping in a 100% high container instead?
  3. Better checking of open files before loading

    New isOpen function added
    This receives a file ref (absolute or relative) and checks a relative,
    pipe replaced version against the openFiles array
    If it finds a match, the file is already open, it will return the array
    position, otherwise return false
    The openFile function now uses this array when attempting to open a file
    It firstly checks if it's open or not, if it is, it will switch to that
    tab, otherwise proceed to open it
    autoOpenFiles no longer has to check for this, as it's handled by
    openFile function anyway
Commits on Sep 11, 2012
  1. Reverting ternary statement

    Not sure why the ternary version here isn't working, reverted to an if
Commits on Sep 9, 2012
  1. Version 0.8.4

  2. UTF-8, ternary switching & condensing code

    Added UTF-8 charset metatag
    Ternary switching instead of if else
    Condensing 2 if statements into 1
    Removed old commented line
  3. Condensing & improving code

    Simplifying & condensing code in a number of areas
    Checking for changed content using indexOf
    showFileMenu function to handle continuing to show file menu
    (used when moving mouse over options to stop it dissapearing)
    Condensing multiple <?php ?> blocks
    File manager icons now using classes rather than inline styles
    Ternary if condition
  4. File manager icon classes added

    Instead of using inline styles
  5. Now using ICEcoder iconset & default class

    Use ICEcoders default iconset to save 7kb
    Adjust all CSS BG positions to match this image now
    Add ext-file to handle default (unsupported) filetypes
  6. Beautify, define filetypes & use default

    Unminify for user readability, can uglify in production use
    Add fileTypesArray to define supported filetypes
    If we have a file without a supported filetype, use ext-file as default
  7. Remove icons

    Using ICEcoder iconset now to save bytes
Commits on Sep 8, 2012
  1. Simplify building up previousFiles

    Using implode to create CSV within JS array block
    Added 'v ' to title tag
  2. Version number is now numeric only

    Removed 'v ' prefix from version number so it can be evaluated in
    conditions easier
    Hardcoded 'v ' before all places where the version number is shown
    No longer need to ltrim 'v ' from the version number
  3. ltrimming 'v ' on version num, put back in

    Needed to leave the ltrimming of 'v ' from the version number, put back
  4. No longer trimming 'v ' & clearer syntax on cmv

    The latest version number doesn't have a 'v ' prefix now
    Altered the syntax when checking cmv to make it shorter & clearer
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