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Amazing new major release, including autocomplete on keypress for HTM…
…L, CSS, JavaScript, SQL and more, new themes, open file accepts line numbers also, configurable auto-indent, improved active line coloring, fixes to trial period and sessions, more tooltips and clearer also, find improvements and loads of bug fixes, tweaks and enhancements


All file processes except load now via XHR, Portuguese (BR) language …
…available, new default theme, session improvements, scale 0.5 with user-scalable=no for mobile use, stop caching with headers and microtimes on URLs, plus lots of big fixes, security tweaks and improvements


14 day trial, highlight 777 in FM, plugins icon, file/dir perms setti…
…ng, commenting fixes, save copies to diff pane, expand dir on drag over, check old version before update, click-drag to select files, choose language from settings screen, saving now over XHR with JSON feedback, plus lots of bug fixes and tweaks


Split pane, diff mode, GitHub integrates with diffs, new process file…
…s added, stats.js plugin, file manager keys, plus lots of tweaks and bug fixes


Fixes & tweaks to file manager, improved file type detection, securit…
…y tweaks, auto-indenting on tab, Sass compiling on save plugin, LESS compiling on save plugin and JSON Prettify plugin


GitHub integration can now set tokens, view diff list & commit, trans…
…lations in 8-9 new languages, security tweaks, mobile viewport scaling and lots of tweaks & fixes


GitHub path setup & clone repo, multiple selections and loaaaaads of …
…new stuff. See ICEcoder site for more info


New languages, update system keeps plugins & settings, CSRF checking,…
… XSS filters added, clickjacking headers also added, https calls and lots of tweaks and bug fixes


File menu system and more discreet, flat design layout, open any text…
… file, new shortcuts and API calls, terminal now a plugin, bug file reporting system, languages seperated to files plus lots of bug fixes & tweaks


Plugin manager, no plugins in main install, restructured settings, se…
…perate login page, loginRequired setting, align plugin panel left/right, better handling of ICEcoder working dir and a few fixes and tweaks
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