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ICE coder :: Matt Pass


Early version of the web based IDE which allows for creation of websites in the web browser.

Uses the brilliant CodeMirror plus some other PHP & JS code to deal with file handling and make the whole thing work. Also has the extra plugin 'Adminer' for DB management.

Is fully open source and I'd encourage you to take it, make it your own and customise to your hearts content! :)

Suitable for commercial & non-commercial projects, just let me know if it's useful to you and any cool customisations you make to it.

Please feel free to assist with the development of this and maybe in time we can produce a fantastic web based IDE for web devs.


1.Open /lib/settings.php and adjust variables to suit

2.Upload all the files to a Linux or Windows host under a new sub-dir URL such as Set public write permissions on the settings.php file

3.Visit this URL in your browser and set a password

4.Now you have top level access and can save (CTRL+S), delete (DEL) etc

Plenty of comments included in the code to assist with understanding.

Comments, improvements & feedback welcomed!

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