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PHP file & folder dir tree generator
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PHP file & folder dir tree generator

Creates a file & folder list (dir tree) using PHP's own inbuilt iteration functions.

This has big advantages over the usual recursion methods (recursively calling a function to scandir for instance) which are inefficient and therefore slow.

Here are simple perf tests, calling the same server 5 times in a row, using the 2 methods:

Usual recursive method (scandir etc) 6.51, 6.27, 6.92, 6.56 and 6.73 secs = 32.99 secs = 6.59 secs avg

PHP's inbuilt recursive iteration method 3.38, 3.26, 3.24, 3.40 and 3.23 secs = 16.51 secs = 3.30 secs avg

(Tested 5 times in a row on a server with 2,120 files in 248 folders with a size of ~110mb)

The output is a HTML UL based list which no formatting etc so you have a clean start point to reformat, create links etc

Demo: (View the source to see clean & tidy code)

Feel free to use for any purpose (MIT licensed) & put forward issues & pull reqs if you can improve.

Happy usage! :)

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