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Slack Custom Emoji Import

Hacked this thing up to import over 500 emoji into a new Slack from another Slack.


This crazy thing uses environment variables so that i didn't leak my private info. You'll need three:


Run it! 💨

Make sure you have a file called emoji_list.txt in along with the script. There's one in this repo, but if you want to provide your own you can get it from the Slack Emoji List API. The emojis that go with the list are also here in the proper place that the script will look for them. If for some crazy reason, you want this exact set, you don't have to do any work! 🤘

$ bundle
$ SLACK_DOMAIN=foo SLACK_PASSWORD="myf4ncyp455w0rd" bundle exec ruby ./slack_emoji_upload.rb

Now, go grab a ☕️ while the computer imports all the emoji! If you have to stop it in the middle, it won't download the images again, but it will try to import all the emoji in the list a second time.


This code isn't very pretty. To call it a quick hack is an understatement. 😃

There's no support for aliases. The code is there, but it didn't work and I haven't gone back to fix it yet. 😱

It's slow. There's no API for emoji imports in Slack, so we're faking a browser session with Capybara. Shhh. 😶 🙈

No tests! Wheee! 😇