WordPress plugin to embed an Apple Map using Mapkit JS. Demo only - not production ready!
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Apple Map embed

This is WordPress plugin to embed an Apple Map, using a shortcode. It uses Mapkit JS and is a demo only - not production ready.

There's a blog post explaining how Mapkit JS works here: https://mattrad.uk/embedding-apple-map-wordpress/.


The WordPress plugin includes the following files:

  • README.md. The file that you’re currently reading.
  • apple-map-embed.php. The file that loads the plugin, and enqueues the Mapkit JS script plus the map-specific JavaScript (map.js).
  • admin/mapkit-jwt-settings.php. A settings page with instructions. Find it at Tools -> Apple Map embed.
  • admin/mapkit-jwt-token.php. Token generation function using the settings stored via admin/mapkit-jwt-settings.php.
  • admin/JWT.php. The JSON Web token generation library mapkit-jwt from Includable.
  • inc/map.js. The JavaScript file that intialises the map. You'll want to play with this to create different maps.
  • uninstall.php. Removes the plugin options from the database on uninstallation.
  • index.php. Silence is golden.


  • Download the latest release
  • Upload the zip file via Plugins -> Add new
  • Activate
  • Complete required settings in Tools -> Apple Map embed.
  • Add the shortcode [applemap] to a page.


  • Apple Developer account
  • Maps identifier
  • Private key
  • Key ID
  • Team ID