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This website was originally forked from eleventy-base-blog, a starter repository showing how to build a blog with the Eleventy static site generator.

I'm redesigning the website in the open, posting what I learn as I go. The website is hosted on Netlify.

Get your own Eleventy web site on Netlify

It's very easy. Click one of these links to create a site based on or eleventy-base-blog

Seriously, just click OK a few times and it’ll be live. Netlify is quite amazing.

Getting started with a copy of this repository

1. Clone this repository:

git clone your-site-name

2. Navigate to the directory

cd your-site-name

Specifically have a look at .eleventy.js to see if you want to configure any Eleventy options differently.

3. Install dependencies

npm install

4. Edit _data/metadata.json

5. Run Eleventy

npx eleventy

Or build automatically when a template changes:

npx eleventy --watch

Or in debug mode:

DEBUG=* npx eleventy

Implementation Notes

  • about/ shows how to add a content page.
  • posts/ has the blog posts but really they can live in any directory. They need only the post tag to be added to this collection.
  • Add the nav tag to add a template to the top level site navigation. For example, this is in use on index.njk and about/
  • Content can be any template format (blog posts needn’t be markdown, for example). Configure your supported templates in .eleventy.js -> templateFormats.
    • Because css and png are listed in templateFormats but are not supported template types, any files with these extensions will be copied without modification to the output (while keeping the same directory structure).
  • The blog post feed template is in feed/feed.njk. This is also a good example of using a global data files in that it uses _data/metadata.json.
  • This example uses three layouts:
    • _includes/layouts/base.njk: the top level HTML structure
    • _includes/layouts/home.njk: the home page template (wrapped into base.njk)
    • _includes/layouts/post.njk: the blog post template (wrapped into base.njk)
  • _includes/postlist.njk is a Nunjucks include and is a reusable component used to display a list of all the posts. index.njk has an example of how to use it.


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