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Bitcoin exchange with basic orders and experimental contractual orders
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Project Exchange

A Bitcoin exchange with multiple order types and partially developed contract features.

This was my first project out of Codecadamy (started ~6 years ago?), so the code is probably terrible (UPDATE: I looked at the code. It is.). Everything except this file is original code, though I went through and scrubbed it for any sensitive info like passwords and embarrassing account names.


I may go back and edit this, but a thorough overview is already given on my personal website here.


I used the following tools:

  • Python (written in pydev in Eclipse)
  • Django
  • MySQL

Transaction Model

The transaction model goes (somewhat) like this:

  1. User fiddles around on website and sends transaction request
  2. Django (in aptly named Website folder) receives request and sends it to proper file in ExchangeMechanisms folder
  3. ExchangeMechanisms fires appropriate functions to modify database and return status that propagates to user

Using the Code

If you for some reason want to try it out, be my guest. You'll have to set up a Django environment with a MySQL database. In the database there needs to be a schema that uses the "11ExchangeDatabasePrototypeModel.mwb" file (under MySQLFiles folder) layout. It should have two schemas, "exchange" and "website" that are both used. Aside from that, installing Python dependencies like MySQLdb and django and maybe a few others is all you should need. Then you just need to fill in all of the "***" in the project with the MySQL user details. I know I should be more thorough, but to be completely honest I have no idea what I used to set this up anymore. Good luck!

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