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  • Upgrade to support 13.5 HP Helion Public Cloud Services. For more information check
  • KNIFE-444 knife-hp incompatible with hpcloud v13.5
  • Added support for HP's regions (US East and US West) and the availability zones within those regions
  • Added 'knife hp network list'
  • Added floating IP address support
  • Added --networks to specify networks to attach to
  • Replaced --private-network with --bootstrap-network


  • KNIFE-309 knife hp server list fails with nil image from boot from volume


  • update dependency on to Fog 1.10.0
  • switched back to hp_access_key from hp_account_id since it's fixed in Fog 1.10.0
  • remove support for floating IPs since they're no longer needed, reported by Simon McCartney and Rupak Ganguly
  • 'delay-loading' changes to reduce load-time (Mohit Sethi)
  • KNIFE-227 added 'knife hp group list' for listing security groups and their rules
  • filter out extraneous images from knife hp image list (requires HP metadata not yet available)


  • support for uneven_columns for prettier output
  • added bootstrap-proxy support. (Matt Butcher)
  • updated to point to Fog 1.4.0 for HP provider
  • chef-full is now default bootstrap template
  • Add support for floating IPs and address associating
  • push the AZ stuff into the hints file
  • Add support for --no-host-key-verify
  • switched from hp_account_id to hp_access_key (Hugues Malphettes reported) patch didn't make it into Fog 1.4, so reverted for now
  • --purge (and --node-name) added for knife hp server delete to remove client and nodes
  • Floating IPs are automatically disassociated on server delete
  • Added /etc/chef/ohai/hints/hp.json for use by Ohai


  • initial developer release