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plf::hive is a fork of plf::colony to match the current C++ standards proposal (P0447). The differences in plf::hive are as follows:

  • C++20 and above only.
  • ==, != and <=> container operators removed, as these were considered either too slow as order-inspecific operators, or too confusing as order-specific operators (for an unordered-insert container)
  • priority template parameter removed as was not considered useful enough to maintain in standard.
  • data() function removed, as may cause too much implementation specificity.
  • reset() function removed (use clear() followed by trim_capacity() instead) - simply to cut down on the user interface.
  • memory() removed as this was considered to be not in-keeping with previous container practice.
  • No support for user-specified internal sort routines to be used by member function sort().
  • advance, prev, next and distance are std:: overloads, rather than hidden friends selected via ADL. This is only possible under C++20 and above. std::distance overload doesn't support negative distances, the two iterators must be swapped prior to distance call if first is > last.
  • The following public functions are removed: is_active, default_min_block_capacity, default_max_block_capacity, default_block_capacity_limits, block_metadata_memory, block_allocation_amount, max_elements_per_allocation.

Otherwise hive should follow the same rules as colony and be used in the same way. Colony documentation is here:

Note: In terms of the Microsoft compiler, hive requires Visual Studio 2022 or later to compile properly (early versions have an unresolved bug).

Note2: Use plf::ranges::range_from in the parameters when calling rangesv3 constructor overloads. This will be updated with std::ranges::range_from when that feature becomes widely available in C++23-compliant compilers.

Infographic describing the container


plf::hive is a fork of plf::colony to match the current C++ standards proposal.








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