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JSON Web Message (JWM) RFC
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JSON Web Message (JWM) IETF Internet Draft RFC

JSON Web Message (JWM) aims to create an approachable basis for standardized secure messaging leveraging popular web technologies through the extension of the JOSE family of specifications.

This is currently an IETF internet draft RFC available here.

For a blog post explaining some more of the rationale behind JWM checkout this link.


The main specification is written in the XML format outlined by RFC7991, however to preview the changes you have made in the final format, the following steps can be followed.


The tool xml2rfc is used to convert the raw xml representation of the specification into the final text view.

To install xml2rfc, run the following commands


If you do not have the python package manager pip installed on your machine, run the following.

easy_install pip

Now install the xml2rfc package using pip.

pip install xml2rfc

Updating Docs

Update draft-looker-jwm.xml file with your desired changes.

Run the following to compile the new RFC txt file from the XML.

xml2rfc *.xml

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