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Preview Videos to go with ES Toolkit
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ES Toolkit Videos

Preview Videos to go with ES Toolkit.

I had to separate the videos out of the ES Toolkit because they just took up too much space. This way anyone that wants them can get them, but if someone doesn't want them, they don't have to get them.

Within this Repo are Video Previews for the Gameboy, N64, NES and SNES Roms that are available within the ES Toolkit. There are no Videos for Gameboy Advance, as they didn't have any for that System on

  • Gameboy - 20 videos
  • N64 - 20 videos
  • NES - 19 videos
  • SNES - 20 videos

There are 79 videos for a total of about 45MB. The videos were scraped from using the Universal XML Scraper. I then ran them through Handbrake to make them as small as possible and still be somewhat watchable. They're small and blurry, but they're just for testing purposes, you wouldn't use them in your normal set up.

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