The Python library for BandPage.
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The Python interface to the BandPage API. Supports the full spec at


$ pip install bandpage

Basic Usage

import bandpage
bandpage.conf.CLIENT_ID = 'abc'
bandpage.conf.SECRET_KEY = 'xyz'

token = bandpage.get_access_token()

print bandpage.get('{{ band id }}', access_token=token)


There is a global configuration that can be set in bandpage.conf, or can be passed through on a specific request.

# Configure globally
bandpage.conf.CLIENT_ID = '{{ client id }}'
bandpage.conf.SECRET_KEY = '{{ secret key }}'
# Configure locally
bandpage.get_access_token(client_id='{{ client id }}', secret_key='{{ secret key }}')

Getting an access token

An access_token is needed for every request other than, obviously, requesting an access_token.

bandpage.get_access_token() returns a dict that contains the access_token itself as well as an expiration key. The exact dict looks like:

>>> bandpage.get_access_token()
{u'access_token': u'rqay894bkhzn9aa6gjvruxta',
 u'expires_in': 3600,
 u'mapi': u'ziuCriaPleni4wroe6ousoub5lusplaf',
 u'token_type': u'bearer'}

This full dict can be passed around to further requests.

Recommendation: Cache the access_token based on the expires_in key. This will prevent your server needing to request a new token for every single request.

Making requests

The following examples assume that a token has aleady been retrieved

Grab a specific bid

>>> bid = '123'
>>> bandpage.get(bid, access_token=token)

bandpage.get responds with a dict which represents the exact JSON that is returned from BandPage.

BandPage recommends not making assumptions about which keys are available, so the recommended access pattern is as such:

>>> band = bandpage.get('123', access_token=token)
>>> band.get('bio')  # Safely gets the 'bio' key without raising a KeyError
>>> if band.get('bio') is not None:
      # Do something with the bio
      print band.get('bio')

Grabbing connections

BandPage allows you to query for sets of connections related to your original bid.

>>> events = bandpage.get('123/events', access_token=token)
>>> for event in events:
      print event

Connections are explained at


When making a request for a specific bid or any connection, BandPage may respond with a number of errors:

  • 401 Unauthorized
  • 404 Not Found
  • Any other number of non-200 errors

bandpage provides a generic BandpageError exception which encompasses anything, and specific BandpageUnauthorized and BandpageNotFound exceptions.

  band = bandpage.get('123', access_token=token)
except bandpage.BandpageError:
  print "Oops, BandPage fail!"


Access token caching pattern

token = cache.get('BandPage:access_token')
if token is None:
  token = bandpage.get_access_token()
  cache.set('BandPage:access_token', token, token['expires_in'])
bandpage.get('123', access_token=token)


This library allows you to configure the CLIENT_ID and SECRET_KEY inside your for convenience. These settings will be applied globally for all access token requests, but can still be overridden by any of the aforementioned methods.