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Zephyros - JavaScript API

To run:

/Applications/ myscript.js

# or



For your convenience, underscore.js 1.4.4 is pre-loaded.

Top Level

property (API) api

- (Number) SDMinX(r) # => r.x
- (Number) SDMinY(r) # => r.y
- (Number) SDMaxX(r) # => r.x + r.w
- (Number) SDMaxY(r) # => r.y + r.h

- (Rect) SDRectMake(x, y, w, h)   # => returns new rect
- (Rect) SDInsetRect(r, byX, byY) # => modifies and returns r
- (Rect) SDIntegralRect(r)        # => modifies and returns r

- (void) log(String str)                   # shows up in the log window
- (void) alert(String str[, Number delay])  # shows in a fancy alert; optional delay is seconds

- (void) bind(String key,              # case-insensitive single-character string; see link below
              Array<String> modifiers, # may contain any number of: "cmd", "ctrl", "alt", "shift"
              Function fn)             # javascript fn that takes no args; return val is ignored

- (void) listen(String eventName, Function callback) # see Events section below

- (void) reloadConfig()

- (void) require(String path) # looks at extension to know which language to use
                              # if relative path, looks in `~/.zephyros/`

- (Hash) shell(String path, Array<String> args[, String stdin]) # returns {"stdout": string,
                                                                #          "stderr": string,
                                                                #          "status": int}

- (void) open(String thing) # can be path or URL

- (void) doAfter(Number sec, Function fn)

The function bind() uses this list of key strings.

Type: API

- (Array<Window>) allWindows()
- (Array<Window>) visibleWindows()
- (Window) focusedWindow()

- (Screen) mainScreen()
- (Array<Screen>) allScreens()

- (Array<App>) runningApps()

- (String) clipboardContents()

Type: Window

- (Grid) getGrid()
- (void) setGrid(Grid g[, Screen optionalScreen])
# grids are just JS objects with keys {x,y,w,h} as numbers, 0-based index

class-property (number) Window.gridWidth # default: 4
class-property (number) Window.gridMarginX # default: 5
class-property (number) Window.gridMarginY # default: 5
# these margins are for giving window-shadows some breathing room

- (Point) topLeft()
- (Size) size()
- (Rect) frame()

- (void) setTopLeft(Point thePoint)
- (void) setSize(Size theSize)
- (void) setFrame(Rect frame)
- (void) maximize()

- (Screen) screen()
- (Array<Window>) otherWindowsOnSameScreen()
- (Array<Window>) otherWindowsOnAllScreens()

- (String) title()
- (Boolean) isWindowMinimized()

- (Boolean) isNormalWindow() # you probably want to avoid resizing/moving ones that aren't

- (App) app()

- (Boolean) focusWindow()
- (void) focusWindowLeft()
- (void) focusWindowRight()
- (void) focusWindowUp()
- (void) focusWindowDown()

Type: Screen

- (Rect) frameIncludingDockAndMenu()
- (Rect) frameWithoutDockOrMenu()

- (Screen) nextScreen()
- (Screen) previousScreen()

Type: App

- (Array<Window>) allWindows()
- (Array<Window>) visibleWindows()

- (String) title()
- (Boolean) isHidden()

- (void) kill()
- (void) kill9()

Type: Rect

property (Point) origin # top-left
property (Size) size

Type: Size

property (Number) width
property (Number) height

Type: Point

property (Number) x
property (Number) y

The rest you'll have to look up for yourself.


'window_created', callback args: (win)
'window_minimized', callback args: (win)
'window_unminimized', callback args: (win)
'window_moved', callback args: (win)
'window_resized', callback args: (win)
'app_launched', callback args: (app)
'app_died', callback args: (app)
'app_hidden', callback args: (app)
'app_shown', callback args: (app)
'screens_changed', callback args: ()