Custom <story> blocks for Vue single file components
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Custom <story> blocks for Vue single file components

npm version

yarn add vue-storybook
const { storyLoader, registerStories } = require("vue-storybook");

What is this?

A Webpack loader + helper script that allows you to embellish your pre-existing Vue single file components (SFC) with a custom <story> block that's automatically translated into a Storybook-flavored story.

Hello World Example


<story name="Disabled Button">
  <my-button :disabled="true">Can't touch this</my-button>

turns into:

screen shot 2018-03-04 at 10 43 54 am

How does it work?

Given an existing Vue storybook project, add or modify Storybook's webpack.config.js by importing and adding our loader.

const { storyLoader } = require("vue-storybook"); // Import!
module.exports = (storybookBaseConfig, configType) => {
  storybookBaseConfig.module.rules[1].options = {
    loaders: {
      story: storyLoader // Add!
  return storybookBaseConfig;

Add a custom <story> block to your single file component. The following Storybook plugins are supported:

  • Actions
  • Notes
  • Knobs

You can optionally group components by specifiying a group attribute. NB: For reasons I still don't understand, the group attribute must come before the name attribute.

    name="Dynamic Button"
    methods="{handleClick: action('click')}"
    notes="This is cool"
    knobs="{buttonText: text('Button text', 'initial value')}">
      <my-button @click="handleClick">
        {{ buttonText }}

Then, in your main index.stories.js (or wherever your write your stories), leverage our helper script to start adding stories

// Import Storybook + all 'yr plugins!
import { storiesOf } from "@storybook/vue";
import { action } from "@storybook/addon-actions";
import { withNotes } from "@storybook/addon-notes";
import { withKnobs, text, color, select } from "@storybook/addon-knobs/vue";

// Import our helper
import { registerStories } from "vue-storybook";

// Require the Vue SFC with <story> blocks inside
const req = require.context("./", true, /\.vue$/);

// Programatically register these stories
function loadStories() {
  req.keys().forEach(filename => {
    // The last argument here is an object containing ALL of the plugins you've used in your SFC.
    registerStories(req, filename, storiesOf, {

// Let's go!


  • Actions
  • Knobs
  • Notes