A dark pastel colorscheme my friend spent too much time on
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A dark pastel colorscheme my friend spent too much time on.


This colorscheme is compatable in GUI and Terminal Vim. It includes some modified color highlighting for the following filetypes: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HAML, SASS, CoffeeScript, Ruby, ZSH, and a couple others. Also includes better highlighting for diffing between files in Vim.





font used is liberation sans mono


Add the eddie.vim file inside the colors directory to your existing colorschemes in ~/.vim/colors/


A buddy of mine spent a lot of time on his Eclipse color theme and I was continually frustrated with most Vim colorschemes so I just ported his but added some new colors for diffing.


  • My JavaScript doesn't look like that

Sometimes I mess around in syntax files. It's on Github but I won't take any responsibility for things malfunctioning if you decide to use them.

  • How do I get the highlight group for a word?

Add this command to your .vimrc and use it as :Syn for the word under the cursor.

  • I don't like what you did for <insert some tag in some language here>

It's super easy to customize. Just look in the colors/eddie.vim file for whatever you don't like (say, CSS highlighting for pseudo-elements would be under the CSSgroup as cssPseudoClass), find it and change the color to another one defined at the top of the file or add your own.

Think it's a good change? File a pull request with a screenshot so that people can give feedback!