Perforce integration for the Atom editor
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Perforce integration for the Atom editor.

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This package is no longer actively developed, since I don't use Perforce anymore. If anyone would like to take it over, please let me know.


  • command to p4 edit the current file
  • command to p4 add the current file
  • command to p4 sync
  • command to p4 revert
  • command to load all files currently opened (as in p4 opened) in the workspace
  • automatically show diff marks when the file is opened/saved
  • automatically show the name of the p4 client/workspace in the status bar
  • tree item decoration based on whether file is opened, etc.
  • automatic open (edit/add) and automatic revert


  1. install the Perforce CLI utilities or P4V (which should come with the CLI utilities)
  2. ensure at least one of the following is true:
    • you have installed the p4 command in its default location
    • the p4 command's location is in your PATH environment variable
    • you have set that location in the atom-perforce settings
  3. ensure that you can login to perforce via CLI and execute p4 commands from your project's directory, as the plugin does not (yet?) attempt to manage perforce authentication
  4. use Atom's command palette (shift+cmd+p or shift+ctrl+p) then type either "perforce" or "p4" to see and execute available commands and/or use the keymappings