Crash course in HTML & CSS, developed for Maptime PDX
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Maptime PDX HTML & CSS Basics

Maptime is primarily about mapping, but before getting into things like webmapping APIs, I think it's beneficial to have at least a cursory foundation in web programming.

What These Tutorials Are

These are some of the fundamentals to help introduce you to the syntaxes (syntacti?) of HTML & CSS. The goal is to just barely get your feet wet and, hopefully, get you hungry to do more!

What These Tutorials Are Not

These are not a comprehensive guide to all things HTML & CSS. You will have questions. That's ok. A big part of all kinds of coding is taking what you do know and building upon it. That often means research and collaborating with others. Thankfully, there are a plethora of resources on the internet and here in Portland.

Links to presentations

Links to example webpages

Some Resources

There are many many resources out there. These are just a few. Be sure to search and ask around to find more!

Web-Based Resources

Web-Base Programs

Portland-Based Organizations with Programs


Presentations were built using weenote.js by Jed Schmidt.