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Contains libraries of ruby commands/snippets, some original and some copied. These libraries are managed and run by my command framework, boson. Despite what the project name implies, all these commands can be used within irb or from the commandline thanks to boson.

Outline of this Repo

Here's a brief outline and description of major directories under boson/:

  • config/: Boson config directory
  • commands/: Contains all currently used libraries.
    • core/: Libraries that either extend core Ruby classes or take an object of a core class as its first argument.
    • public/: Public libraries that I encourage everyone to use. Commands should have descriptions. If something is buggy here feel free to fork and pull.
      • plugins/: Plugin libraries that extend Boson's behavior.
      • site/: Libraries related to specific websites and their APIs.
      • url/: Libraries that generate url strings. When used in conjunction with exp/plugins/url_libraries plugin, can be used to open browser to generated urls. Inspired by queriac.
      • rails/: Rails-related libraries.
    • exp/: Experimental libraries that one day should be public. These libraries are usually half-baked good ideas that haven't quite realized their full potential.
    • personal/: Personal libraries that are specific to my computer setup i.e. my system files or operating system setup.
  • lib/: A local loaded_path containing classes used by commands.
  • test/: Tests to go along with libraries.
  • todo/: Interesting snippets, mostly copied, that haven't been converted to commands.

Using a Library

If you want to just try one or two libraries/files under boson/ without boson, simply require and include them:

bash> irb -f
irb>> require "boson/commands/public/color"
irb>> class<<self; include Color; end

Note: this only works for libraries that don't depend on other libraries, don't use boson commands and don't rely on boson for default options.

If you want to install a boson library using boson:

# make sure to point to the code only url
bash> boson install


If you want to use irb (or boson) as a I do:

  • Clone this project: git clone git://
  • Install boson: gem install boson
  • Save your ~/.irbrc to somewhere else temporarily. Important since the next step will symlink over this file.
  • Run symlink_files.rb to symlink to ~/.boson and ~/.irbrc

To see all the command goodies available to you:

# from irb
>> libraries

# from commandline
bash> boson libraries