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Support event management for Oseh Shalom (focusing on High Holy days)

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Oseh Occasions (working title, we welcome suggestions)

Continuous Integration status Dependency Status

Simple event management for small organizations, supporting your member's household:

  • manage events
  • track participants, organizers, and volunteers
  • Rails 3
  • Ruby 1.9

We manage dependencies with Bundler (

Initial Setup


  • ruby 1.9
  • sqlite3
  • bundler (gem)


It is best if you have a fast internet connection for this: $ git clone $ cd oseh-occasions $ bundle install $ rake #runs all tests

All tests should pass.

You can seed the db with rake db:seeds.


Our testing site is on heroku ( $ git push heroku master

Open in browser with: $ heroku open


Dev Notes


Twitter Bootstrap

Autotest & Faster test startup w/ spin

Start guard to start spin. test will automagically run when you change files: $ guard

To run manually:

$ spin push spec
$ spin push spec/model/person_spec.rb:43

This readme is in Markup format.

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