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* Forked
2005-05-21 Satoru Takabayashi <>
* progressbar.rb (ProgressBar::show): Call IO#flush. Suggestted by
"Geert Fannes" <Geert.Fannes at>
2005-01-07 Satoru Takabayashi <>
* progressbar.rb (ProgressBar::VERSION): Bumped version number to 0.9.
(ProgressBar::finished?): New method.
(ProgressBar::current): New attribute.
(ProgressBar::total): New attribute.
(ProgressBar::title): New attribute.
(ProgressBar::start_time): New attribute.
(ProgressBar::inspect): Change the format.
(ProgressBar::show_if_needed): Renamed from show_progress.
(ProgressBar::clear): New method.
(ProgressBar::initialize): Renamed a field: bar_width ->
(ProgressBar::do_percentage): New method.
(ProgressBar::percentage): Use it.
(ReversedProgressBar): New class.
(ProgressBar::initialize): Use #clear.
(ProgressBar::fmt_bar): Ditto.
(ProgressBar::fmt_percentage): Renamed from percentage.
(ProgressBar::fmt_stat): Ditto.
(ProgressBar::fmt_stat_for_file_transfer): Ditto.
(ProgressBar::fmt_title): Ditto.
* test.rb: Use Test::Unit.
* Makefile (docs): Removed.
(progressbar.ja.html): Ditto.
(progressbar.en.html): Ditto.
(dist): New rule.
(check): New rule.
2004-02-05 Satoru Takabayashi <>
* Ruby/ProgressBar: Version 0.8 released!
* progressbar.rb (ProgressBar::set): Fixed the bug when caused by
the invalid count. <>
(ProgressBar::VERSION): Bumped version number to 0.8.
2004-01-19 Satoru Takabayashi <>
* Ruby/ProgressBar: Version 0.7 released!
* progressbar.rb (ProgressBar::initialize): Rename a field:
@bar_length -> @bar_width.
(ProgressBar::initialize): New field: @title_width.
(ProgressBar::title): use it.
(ProgressBar::initialize): New field: @previous_time.
(ProgressBar::show_progress): Use it and update the progress bar
if one sec. elapsed.
(ProgressBar::initialize): Call show instead of show_progress.
2004-01-16 Satoru Takabayashi <>
* Ruby/ProgressBar: Version 0.6 released!
* progressbar.rb (ProgressBar::show): Remove the useless condition
after "else". Thanks to Neil Spring <>
for the report.
2003-07-24 Satoru Takabayashi <>
* Ruby/ProgressBar: Version 0.5 released!
* progressbar.rb (ProgressBar::initialize): New parameter: config.
(ProgressBar::convert_prefix_multiplier): New method.
(ProgressBar::transfer_rate): New method.
(ProgressBar::percentage): New method.
(ProgressBar::title): New method.
(ProgressBar::initialize): New fields: @bar_mark, @format,
(ProgressBar::get_width): New method.
(ProgressBar::stat_for_file_transfer): New method.
(ProgressBar::stat): Renamed from time.
(ProgressBar::format=): New method.
(ProgressBar::format_arguments=): New method.
(ProgressBar::convert_bytes): New method.
(ProgressBar::file_transfer_mode): New method.
2002-10-21 Satoru Takabayashi <>
* Ruby/ProgressBar: Version 0.4 released!
* progressbar.rb (ProgressBar::halt): New method. allowing a
"broken" ProgressBar in the event of error.
- Suggestted by Austin Ziegler <>
2002-01-05 Satoru Takabayashi <>
* Ruby/ProgressBar: Version 0.3 released!
* progressbar.rb (ProgressBar::show): Shorten @title to fall into
the format well.
2001-11-03 Satoru Takabayashi <>
* Ruby/ProgressBar: Version 0.2 released!
* progressbar.rb (ProgressBar::eta): Remove an unnecessary condition.
* progressbar.rb (ProgressBar::eta): Fix the return value bug.
* progressbar.rb (ProgressBar::inc): Add an optional parameter `step'.
* Ruby/ProgressBar: Version 0.1 released!
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