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# Matt Day's custom .muttrc file
# Latest copy always here:
# =====================
# Mailbox configuration
# =====================
# Basic settings to configure the local mailbox
# All systems I use now have a ~/Maildir
set mbox_type=Maildir
set folder="~/Maildir"
set mbox="~/Maildir"
set spoolfile="~/Maildir"
# Don't include . or .. folders
set mask="!^\\.[^.]"
# Set sent and drafts folders
set record="+.Sent"
set postponed="+.Drafts"
# ===================
# Keybinds and Macros
# ===================
# Add a few nice to haves here
# Build local list of mailboxes
mailboxes `echo -n "+ "; find ~/Maildir -maxdepth 1 -type d -name ".*" -printf "+'%f' "`
macro index c "<change-folder>?<toggle-mailboxes>" "open a different folder"
macro pager c "<change-folder>?<toggle-mailboxes>" "open a different folder"
macro index C "<copy-message>?<toggle-mailboxes>" "copy a message to a mailbox"
macro index M "<save-message>?<toggle-mailboxes>" "move a message to a mailbox"
macro compose A "<attach-message>?<toggle-mailboxes>" "attach message(s) to this message"
# ===========
# Look & Feel
# ===========
# Set various L&F options
# Configure colours for a black terminal
color normal white default # normal text
color status brightgreen blue # status bar, last and first row
color search brightyellow red # search results
color message brightyellow default # information messages, last row
color error brightred default # error messages, last row
color markers brightred default # the + sign at the start of broken lines
# text colours - message index and attachment menu
color indicator brightwhite red # current message selected
color tree brightred default # Threads' arrow
color index brightwhite default ~F # important messages ! flag - command "F"
color index green default ~N # new messages N flag - command "N"
color index magenta default ~T # tagged messages * flag - command "t"
color index green default ~U # unread messages
color index brightblue default ~D # deleted messages D flag - commands "d"/"u"
# text colours - pager
color hdrdefault green default # headers
color bold green default # bold on mails' body
color underline yellow default # underlined
color attachment color5 default # attachments
color signature red default # signature
color tilde blue default # ~ at the end of messages
color quoted red default # quoted text 1st level
color quoted1 green default # quoted text 2nd level
color quoted2 magenta default # quoted text 3rd level
color quoted3 yellow default
color quoted4 red default
color quoted5 red default
color quoted6 red default
color quoted7 red default
color quoted8 red default
color quoted9 red default
# Ronald J Kimball's url regexp. mutt-user 04/05/28
color body brightyellow default "(https?|ftp|gopher|finger)://([^"'"'"' \t\r\n)>.,!?&]\
|[.,!?][^"'"'"' \t\r\n)>.,!?&]|&([^g]|$)|&g([^t]|$)|&gt([^;]|$))+"
color body brightred default "[-a-zA-Z_0-9.+]+@[-a-zA-Z_0-9.]+"
color body green default "(^| )_[-a-zA-Z0-9_]+_[,.?]?[ \n]"
# enphasiszed text
color body green default "[*][-[:alnum:]]+[*]"
color body green default "[ ]_[-[:alnum:]]+_([ ]|\.)"
# vim: syntax=muttrc