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Live/Dynamic Compilation of Sass for Ruby on Rails. Ideal for when user's of your system can provide css customization values.

sass-live provides an endpoint (routes, controller & action) that'll generate and cache dynamic css.

The data used to customize your css can be provided as an injectable dependency. See Configuration for more details.


Add this to your Gemfile:

gem 'sass-live'

Then install it by running Bundler:

$ bundle


Once installed you can use the sass-live:install generator to scaffold in the configuration hooks for sass-live.

Usage in Production

sass-live's css generation controller will automatically cache results based on the #cache_key value of your injected data dependency. This is like a page cache.

However, if you prefer pre-computing the dynamic css values you can customize the generated rake task to enumerate over your data dependencies.

For instance, lets consider a service that allows users to customize their colours. You may have an active record class, Colour.

The css generation controller will use Colour#cache_key for the page cache. The block you provide the rake task should yield successive Colour instances. do
  Colour.find_each do |colour|